Thursday, July 31, 2014

BoomDiggity!!!! 3 Weeks From Show!

My world has gone CRAZY!!! In a GREAT way!!! My very first news is that we did it!!!! I had my weigh in this morning - the very last day in the month - and I am BELOW 17% body fat!!!! 16.6% to be exact... and my weight is the same!!!! I am sitting 3 weeks before show, at 5'2", and 129 lbs. YES! Since we began (April), we have added 10 lbs of MUSCLE to my body!! And dropped 12.2% body fat. HOLY FREAKIN' MOLEY!!!! BOOMDIGGITY!!! (yes, husband-mine, it IS a word, it is now MY word and I will use it as often as I like). Boom. Diggity. Whooooohooo!!!! :-)

This is my abs two days ago.
They're even more pronounced today. Wooot!! 
What this means is... nothing changes. We keep doing what's working. At this point, the plan is to continue exactly as we are now, then my last workout (omg!) will be August 19th, with the 20th and 21st being cardio only, then the 22nd being my normal rest and reload day, and the 23rd is show. Almost there!!!!   :-)

OMG, I am so incredibly stoked! Which is good, because it's day 6 of zero carbs and I'm whooped, lol.
Happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!

Ok... next news... Let me begin by sharing that I love my Santa Fe. It's my 3rd Hyundai, and my 2nd Santa Fe. But it's a 2010 and we'll just be polite and say it's been well loved. ;-) High mileage, some body damage (thank you, Bethany), and just all-around broken in ;-)   Anyway. When I purchased said car, we got screwed. Big time. The dealership was super shady, we felt trapped, and after many, many hours, confused and upset enough that I made the awesomely wise (yes, sarcasm) decision to just freakin' sign so we could get the heck outta there! 25% interest rate, for a gazillion years. And that was the least of it. I won't even address the many, many lies we were told that didn't pertain to financing.

Fast forward. We've talked off and on for about a year, about trading in, but we're upside down. We had the most recent discussion 2 days ago. Then yesterday... I got a phone call from the dealership. Yes, that dealership. It seems they're under new management, blah blah blah, and would really like to buy my car and upgrade me. Sure. I bet you would. Since I'm honest - I'll be clear. I was a bitch. I am carb deprived, the sales guy brought up angry unhappy memories, and I let him know in no uncertain terms that I would NEVER do business with them again.

Kudos to the kid. He took it. Apologized (of course), and promised me he'd run some numbers and if he could get me in a better place, he'd call back. Sayonara, buddy. But he called back. Made some promises. I said I'd think about it. I called Bill. We agreed to check it out but only gave it a short, short window then we're out of there. Before I could call this guy back, his sales manager called me. More promises ensued (uhuh, right), but he said he'd fill up my gas tank just for coming in. Fine. Gas is expensive. Lol. So we went.

Long story short...
This is now in my driveway. BOOMDIGGITY!! We ended up, after much back and forth, getting the luxury edition for the (below) base price! They gave me more than fair value on my 2010. And my interest rate? Let's just say it's in the single digits now! WOOOOHOOO! Everywhere I went today, I took the long way! Hahaha! I love, love, LOVE my car!!! AND... Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale went above and beyond to make it happen for me. They redeemed my previous experience and gave me a great one this time! I'm still trying to figure out all the programming, but I LOVE my car!! It even sent me an email this morning! Ha!

This car is one of those things I never imagined for myself. All those bells and whistles, the "luxury" upgrades... I am so incredibly grateful and blessed!!

So... back to prep world, lol... we didn't get home last night until 11pm... I crashed hard. Because of that, I did 60 instead of 30 minutes fasted cardio this morning. This was my pre (and during) workout drink... cuz' that's how I roll ;-)
Yep, iced black coffee. Ahhhh!!!

So, after my workout with Kayla this afternoon, I hit the store (how many times can I go to the grocery store in a week???? so far it's been 5!), finally got home, and realized I haven't sent my show registration yet!!!! I am back out the door to hit the post office (why do we have no stamps?), then back to the grocery store to get two things I forgot (geeze, make it 6 times!), back home for food prep for tomorrow - CARB DAY!!!!!!! Then after that is evening cardio, dry sauna, and an hour of posing. I'm not gonna lie... I'm pooped now. But... there's just 3 weeks left. Every moment counts. And between my two major excitables, I've got the mental energy to face it.

Ok... here we go!
Boomdiggity!!!! Sorry, had to say it one last time. ;-)


  1. Woot Woot!! Soooo close!!
    Look at those abs!! You. Got. This!!

  2. 3,2,1...countdown is on...congrats on the successes... and the new car too!

  3. Mega Congrats Chelle! Way to go on the abs! Wish I could go to the show to watch! You are doing GREAT!!! ~Jen

  4. I also follow you on Pinterest and you clearly must live vicariously through the food pics and recipes you post! I just haven't figured out how you post all that yummy stuff and then go eat another meal of fish!!

    1. Hahaha! I was just blogging about that very thing! See the new post from today (Monday, 8/4). I think looking at (and pinning) all that stuff helps me actually stay on track. I've spoken with many competitors about our "food porn" and several do the same thing. It's a quirk! ;-) Last time around, I lugged in cookbooks with me and read them while walking the stairmaster! This time it's all on my tablet, hahaha! Ah, technology!

    2. That's too funny! I can see how looking at the pics and daydreaming about it sort of satisfies the craving. Much healthier that way!