Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Pinterest Boards and Prep Updates...  and
It's Wednesday... Hump Day, but I've got a bit of a ways to go yet before I'm over the hump... I have to go back to the gym and do cardio and dry sauna tonight. ;-)  I'm feeling really good today... enough energy, positive, and excited about my journey and progress.

A fun thing I did today was build boards on Pinterest about my journey(s) to the stage. In all my searching, one thing I couldn't find on Pinterest (and it seems you can find nearly every darn thing there) was some kind of path, or map someone, anyone, has followed as they prep for competition.

So, since I couldn't find it, I made it. Lol. There's now a board with highlights from my journey in 2011, and another board I'm currently pinning to for this prep.

I'm sure ya'll know I've got a whole bunch of boards on Pinterest (don't we all, haha), and it's so fun to add to them, but like most social media, boy is it a time-suck! Lol! I login and next thing I know it's 3 hours later! Yeesh! Is it just me or does that happen to you, too?

It was really fascinating to me to see the contrasts between this prep and my last one... not just in style, workouts and diet, but in my own headspace. I've learned so much, and have so much to learn, that they're just so completely different! I'm a different person, and I think that's key. I am just as dedicated, just as determined, just as prone to injury (haha) as I was before, but I'm not all tangled up in it every moment of every day. I'm more secure, have less to prove, and - it cannot be overstated - less body dysmorphia. I'm enjoying my journey to the stage a bit more, though I do still get lost in moments. Just part of being human. I know my family will tell you that I'm moody (and need more carbs), but they'll also admit that this is night and day from my last prep.

Examples? Well, while I don't cook every meal for them, I do make a few a week - Shiloh mostly does the cooking, which was her choice (she has an unnatural affinity for lasagna and spaghetti, lol). I typically cook the meals we can all eat together... like when we have grilled steak or steamed crab, or I'll do a big batch of veggies for everyone while we each handle our own main course. It's not a big stressor for me, or them. I don't have a problem if they order pizza & wings, or bring home Chipotle or whatnot. They're not on competition diet, I am. They can eat what they want.

I also don't obsess about every gram or calorie. I have my plan, I stick to it, I modify as needed. I do the work, do the cardio, ice the joints, and carry on. I'm not as fearful of each ache and pain as I was last time. Through my last journey and the years since, I've learned that every athlete gets injured. Every athlete hurts, gets tired, gets hungry, and moves on. It's part of the process, and I'm ok with it. I do feel healthier this time around - less inflamed in general, and my diet and workouts are key to that. Starting my journey this time with Pilates I believe really gave me a big leg up. Add in muscle memory, solid nutrition and supplementation, and that's a good foundation, period. Further, doing the food sensitivity test, and cortisol testing really helped to narrow things down and create a workable plan.

Oh, and I haven't had to do cardio inside a car dealership. Knock on wood. No, seriously, everybody knock on wood... I still have 7.5 weeks left! ;-)

So, all in all... parts are smoother this time around. That is NOT to say easier. Um, no. And this is NOT to say that I don't still spend time in the dark tunnel, because I do. I hurt, I cry, I whimper through sets (lol).  By smoother, I simply mean that my family isn't suffering as much as last time. ;-) They're still sacrificing a lot... still missing a lot. Little things like pool time - frankly there are days I'm too damn tired to put on my suit and join them in the water. Yeah, prep can make you that tired. Big things like not being able to go on vacation as a family because of my competition prep & show schedule. But... they're right here beside me, cheering me on, loving me in spite of my many moods ;-) I gotta say... They're pretty darn awesome.

And... now that I'm into longer cardio sessions, I have an excuse to watch all my "disney" movies and no one at home can make fun of me! :-)  Always a silver lining.

Tonight I'll head back to the gym, get 'er done, then come home and eat dinner, spend some time with the family, have my shake then crash. Tomorrow I'll do it all over again. :-)

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  1. Nice to see that adaptions work. Keep up the great work!
    I hope Sword and the Stone is one of them , my favourite :)