Monday, July 28, 2014

Progress - 4 Weeks Out

The time is flying! I can't believe there's less than 4 weeks to the first show. {insert panic attack HERE}  We're working on nailing down that posing song (think we've got it, but I have to "walk" it today to be sure), and my stage makeup... I've spent a little too much time on Pinterest lately, lol. Yesterday we took progress pics. I will warn you now... I was not feeling well and my posing is OFF. Like, bad-off. However, the good, the bad, the ugly - I promised to share it all, so here it is. Side by side comparisons...

My obliques and legs really do have definition, I just wasn't flexing hard enough. Boo.

Mentally, I had a rough weekend - hence the couldn't flex to save my life problem, but I'm moving past it. The food is just mechanical at this point... not a lot of variation. Though we did add in sunflower seeds - for the salt & potassium. Water is at a gallon and a half. Glug! My favorite part of the day is sipping my iced black coffee :-) I'm doing 30 minutes fasted cardio in the morning, my workout during the day, then 45 minutes cardio in the evening (usually a mix of HIIT and steady). 4x/week I do 20 minutes in the dry sauna, and twice a week I meet with my posing coaches (though I practice daily).

Pretty much my whole world revolves around prep. I'm either exercising, eating, food-prepping, doing laundry, or sleeping. Lol. Friday's are still my carb and rest day - full rest day, which means that I typically find myself going a little crazy. ;-) But - well, I guess crazy is normal for me, eh? ;-)

Ok... I have to go switch laundry, then I'm going to enjoy the last of my iced coffee. Happy Monday!


  1. How do people who work 9-5 jobs do this? It sounds like a full time job. Your pics are amazing. It's almost over :) soon you will look back on this adventure and forget (much like child birth) just how hard it all was.

    1. Thanks, Helen!! Yes, it is full-time. The last time I competed, I worked a full time job outside the home, plus running my website and blog, plus my kids were still in school (cheer, theater, etc). This time, I'm blessed to be working from home - still full time, lol, and the kids are all older. I'm more flexible with my time and that's helped a lot with the reigning in the chaos and trauma.
      Childbirth... hahahaha! That's so incredibly apt!!! It kinda feels like I'm stuck in transition, lol!!!! :-) Woot!

  2. Great progress Chelle! You're almost there! And I love your hair!!