Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thar' be Dragons... Thoughts on Counting the Cost and Making the Cost Count.

Prepping for a special event is unique. And unique to each type of special event. There are joys and trials, mental battles, and costs to consider. Over the last 6 years, I've done a lot of prepping... from simple things like a particular Halloween costume, to events like The Arnold Sports Festival, to weddings, even a Burlesque show, and on up to Figure Competitions. As you might expect, figure competing is the most expensive... though traveling to Ohio for the Arnold isn't cheap, lol.

I just ran the numbers for the two shows I'm doing... from federation membership fees, to entry fees, additional division fees, drug testing and polygraph fees, trainer pass fees... oh, then there's the tan, the suit, the shoes, the nails, the day of show needs (it's a whole suitcase of stuff!)... OH, and lest I forget, there's the professional photos and videos to be purchased, too. Also... this doesn't begin to include my coaching, supplements, and other sundries.

As I stared at the calculator's summary, I looked over at Bill, looked back at the screen and thought, <gulp!>  "Hmmm. Thar' be dragons."

Big, scaly, fire-breathing, sharp-toothed, bank-account-emptying dragons. Lol.  I'm very grateful to be in a position where these expenses don't make my sport prohibitive to me, and I'm blessed to have a husband who so completely supports my endeavors. Even when napalm-breathing dragons come for their treasure.

Needless to say, viewing the numbers causes me to minutely inspect every aspect of the expenses... what can I do without, what is imperative? Reality requires responsibility. And... respect.  It raises a few questions... Am I doing everything within my power to make the absolute most of this opportunity? Am I respecting my husband's investment? Mine? My coach's? Am I respecting my family's sacrifices? Am I doing everything I can to earn this?

My answers? Yes.

I may lose sight sometimes of things like expenses (ummm, my bad, but it's so shiny!), or how much everyone around me is invested in and affected by my journey... I may momentarily misplace my appreciation, but not for long. In truth, I'm humbled. And to be totally honest... it makes me feel a bit guilty. But in this case, guilt can be a positive thing... it keeps me on track, keeps me accountable.

Every moment of this journey costs... I'm going to make sure it counts.

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