Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Recap, 7 Weeks From Show...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Around here it was pretty darn chill :-)  Friday was my rest and carb day... I might have overdone it on the fruit, lol. The family had bbq'd hot dogs & sausages, I had my usual turkey breast and steamed veggies, plus my carbs (I enjoyed black beans, strawberry, kiwi, banana, melon, sweet potato and lentils - not altogether, haha). It was a nice and relaxing day and we ended it watching a movie in the pool :-)

Saturday was the dreaded leg day. I don't know why exactly, but leg day is for sure my nemesis. I always have this unreasonable fear of it - maybe it's because of my knees, I don't know. Whatever it is, this one sucked. Even with my carb-up the day before, I just struggled with the weights... and they were wussy weights! Not really, but they're half what I've been doing prior to this cut phase. Then it started messing with my head... I'm in the squat rack, between two big guys who are lifting some serious iron and there I am, with my itty bitty weights on the bar - struggling. Boooo. I felt so judged, and it was probably all in my head, but, well, it sucked.

Regardless... I finished. Back home I got some work done and when evening rolled around it was time for UFC 175 ;-) I did my cardio on the bike while Bill, Joey and I cheered on our favored fighters. It was a lot of fun!

Plus, I was wearing my favorite cardio t-shirt.
Can you read it?

Hahahahaha! Yep, that's how cardio feels to me these days.
And... that shirt was pretty apt once Rousey took the cage... were you watching? Hope you didn't blink! 16 seconds. That's just crazy. And kind of a bum rap for Davis. It is what it is, but still.

Sunday we took a drive out to Canyon Lake - GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful place!!! I'm excited to spend more time there! We got the family boat all tucked away in her slip and now there's no more messing with towing (or curvy roads while towing, lol)... and then Joey took a spin while we headed home. We'll (me and Bill) probably spend some time on the lake in a few weekends. My competition-prep-nerves can't handle the speed that the kids all enjoy, so Bill and I will just tool around. Ahhhh! Can't wait!!!


And... here's my prep update. Kayla is back from Vacation!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! She kicked my butt (well, chest and shoulders) today and laid out the plan for the rest of the week. Lots of changes, but I was expecting that. Full transition to low weight, high reps, and we're adding in fasted cardio in the mornings. Ha, knew that was coming! LOL!

We did a weigh in and.... I'm up almost 2 lbs. But my body fat is the exact same. So... we're doing a hard & fast cut over the next two weeks. We want to cut 6% body fat by the end of the month. Hence the double cardio. Dry Sauna is still 3x/week. Food... there's the biggest change. Fish. Lots and lots and lots of fish. Lol. I'll be eating (roughly) fish 3x/day, turkey once, plus two protein shakes (oh thank goodness! those I like!). Lots of green veggies, 1/2 avocado and 1/2 green apple each day. I also get 1 scoop of the UCAN pre-workout. Plus my usual supplements (multi, fish oil, probiotics, glutamine, BCAA's, greens powder, and Champion ThermoGold). And water. Much water. I've hit that point with the water intake where if I only have to get up two times a night to pee I'm doing good. Lol.

And there you have it... we are dialing it in, tightening it down, and amping it up. Oh my. Do me a favor, ya'll... swamp me with workout funnies! The laughter helps ;-)  Pin them and send to me, FB them and tag me, email them... whatever works, just send your funnies my way!


  1. HA HAAAA - Picturing you in the squat racks between the guys....should have looked them in the eyes, each one of them (the guys, not the eyes) and said, "Jealous??" Think Amy Poehler on SNL. That could be priceless. :-)

    Time keeps ticking fun watching your progress!! ~Jen

    1. OMG Jen! That'd have been awesome! LOL!!! :-) I'll keep that in mind for next time ;-)