Thursday, August 21, 2014


Two days!!! Wooohoo!! So, where am I? I'm currently sitting in front of my computer (duh, lol) typing with my arms weirdly outstretched because they're coated in Calamine lotion. Joy. Dry, darnit, dry! And for the love of God, STOP ITCHING!!! Lol! Those darn hives are killin' me! The Nair burns caused enough trauma to my skin that I broke out in hives - on both arms. Ugh!! I am hoping and praying that I can get these down before my spray tan tomorrow!

This morning began with my regular Tilapia burger, then I slathered on calamine and headed to the gym for my hour of stairmaster then 15 minutes in hell, I mean the dry sauna. I was sipping (and I mean sipping) water, headed home to shower (oh thank the baby Jesus!) then head back out (shake & apple in hand) to do my final grocery trip. I hit the dog store for giant treats for our fur babies - they'll be alone off and on all day Saturday, so I got them giant bones and other yummies (I'm a sucker). Next was Whole Foods where I found this...
Yes. I bought many packages. ;-)
I also bought some easy snacks for show day. We're focusing on seeds, fruit, veggies, that kind of thing. I'll have my Tilapia burgers (easily digested protein - check!), my chicken broth, water, coconut water, protein shake, and then the snacks. I'm steering clear of anything that can potentially cause bloat, so the snackies are black grapes, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, green apple, blackberries, cucumber, raw pepper, and these...
They're tiny - and I mean tiny! But they're totally gluten free and have nothing I'm sensitive to. I know it sounds like a lot of food, but it's small portions for munching throughout the day. It'll be a busy day! I then hit up Albertson's for part II of the coup de grace! These are in my fridge - I'll decide which one I want when we get home saturday night ;-)
When Bill and I want to really splurge on wine, we reach for the Erath Pinot Noir on the top shelf. It's spectacularly smooth. The champagne you see is Wilson Creek's Almond Champagne and it's phenomenal! I do not like champagne. Call me weird, but it's just not my thing... that stuff, though, is incredible! So, I've got a bottle of each chilling so whatever I want, it'll be ready to go ;-)
And the biggie... Part I (yes, I know that was backwards but these were at Whole Foods, which was before Albertson's, but they're the one thing I'm REALLY excited about)...  Once the show is over. Once we're home. Or maybe in the car. Or maybe while I'm packing up my bag backstage... this comes out:

What's in the bag?
Just 4 little bites of HEAVEN!!!!
Those, my dear friends, are Tammie Coe Sour Cream Sugar Cookies. And they are mine. MINE MINE MINE. Actually, they've got gluten so I'll probably only have one. Probably. They're my absolute favorite cookie. I think the last time I had one was after my last show - three years ago. I had to put that bag in a large ziploc so that I can't smell them. Lol!

After I grabbed up that stuff, I also gathered supplies for another batch of Tilapia burgers I'll be making tonight after I get home from Cardio & Sauna. I leave in about 30 minutes to go to Registration and do my Polygraph test, then I'll head over to the gym, then home and cook, then crash. Going to be a long night, but we're almost there!!!!

Ok. Time for more Calamine. But before I go, I wanted to say...
THANK YOU!!!!!! 
Your continuous support and encouragement are SOOOO appreciated! I'm so grateful for you!!!


  1. Take a long acting antihistamine like Zyrtec. It won't make you as sleepy as Benadryl and will help with the hives. You can take the Zyrtec in the morning and still take a Benadryl at bedtime to cut that itch while you sleep. You can also apply a little over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream (like Cortizone-10).

  2. will be cheering you on the virtual sidelines!!!!
    have been following your blog since right after your last show-I love how positive your mindset has been through out this prep process! I know parts of it have been challenging to say the least but you chose to tackle them head on and keep on trucking through! I cant wait for a show recap with pictures!!!!!!!!!!
    (and yes,long acting antihistamine is a must!)
    t-36 hours now!!!!!!!
    sending warm thoughts and positive vibes your way-
    just remember to take a deep breath in,relax,smile and just have FUN on stage!YOU GOT THIS!!!!

  3. YOU WILL ROCK IT. So excited. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. I love that almond wine too. We live pretty close to Wilson's Creek Winery and actually joined their club just for the bubbly! lol

    Good luck this weekend. Can't wait to hear how it goes. You've certainly earned all these treats.


  5. Been following you for a bit and wish you well!! Really looking forward to your pictures. you are one big cutie pie

  6. Please say those hives have gone away and spray tanning is going as planned........!!!! OY! ~Jen

  7. Thinking of you. Hope all went well today!


  8. THANK YOU!!!! You've all done so much to keep me going! :-) I'll recap as soon as I get my hands on some pics :-)