Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ah, Forgetfulness... it's like... huh?

Yesterday was 12 days from show. And my brain knew it. Total cerebral shut down. The day became a comedy of errors that sucked in innocent bystanders. Here's what happened...

Morning - did my fasted cardio on the bike just fine... ate breakfast, worked, did my thang then headed out to my workout with Kayla. I forgot to bring her thank-you gift. Drat!

Afternoon - finished workout, cleaned up, ate, tanned, grocery shopped (out of Tilapia AGAIN, Fry's??? Really???) and got home in time to pack my bag and head to the gym for evening cardio, sauna, and posing practice.

Walking into the locker room to store my bag, I realize I've forgotten my iPod and speaker for posing practice. DRAT! I call the hubby and Shi and thankfully, they'll bring it by. I'm walking, walking, walking on the stairmaster when Shi comes running in with my stuff. Do I have the best family or what???  I finish my 45 minutes, switch out my tennies for flip flops and head to the sauna where I spend the next 20 minutes battling the WiFi so I can surf Pinterest while I lose gallons of water through my skin.

Sopping wet, I head back to the locker room for a much needed shower. I am now back in front of my locker, wearing flip flops and a towel. And this is when I realize.

I forgot my clothes. Yes. Yes, I did.

I have my nasty soggy workout clothes, my sparkly figure-suit, my heels, and.... nothing to cover up with. OMG. My posing class is not in the locker room. It's upstairs, up the main staircase and in the main studio. I surreptitiously looked around to see if any of the other women in the locker room might have an extra oversized shirt... I was probably not as subtle as I thought I was, as folks started easing farther and farther away from the crazy woman in the towel. Eventually, a sweet young employee came by with fresh towels for the bin. I ask (read: beg) if there's a lost and found or something where I can borrow anything to cover up with. After a moment, she says, "hang on, I have an idea."

Hanging. Trust me, I'm not going anywhere.

She returns with a Staff t-shirt from the kids camp. It's like a 4X. She is my new hero. I donned my suit, topped it with the very large top, and headed up to posing. No, my dear friends... it doesn't end there. I have one more, just to ice this forgetful cake. We run through my mandatory poses, then start working on my 60 second routine. The second time through, the iPod dies.
Because I forgot to charge it.

Well, I suppose it could have been worse. I could have locked myself in my car.
Oh wait. Yeah. I did that already.
Figure Competition Prep - .... crap, I forgot what I was going to say.

Here's a pic Bill took when I got home in all my awesome orangey-ness.

Ok... it's two hours after I finished this post and I just realized I had walked away from the computer and forgot to post it. OMG. Really??? LOL!! 


  1. Well...at least you look GREAT in orange! :-P So, if this is what prep does to the brain...I'm thinking I need to stick to my average workouts/diet because that, alone, gets my mind doing the ....huh? What was it that I meant to say??? Hmmm....Oh yeah......Nope....that wasn't it. ;-)

    P.S. Great job on the back - it is all coming together nicely (Boo on that guy whose opinion you respect a lot that said, "you better get on it.") You are on it.....just need to keep your clothes with you at all times! hahahahah! ~Jen

  2. Bwaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaa