Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just 4 More Sleeps...

Almost there. So close, I can taste it. Actually, no. All I can taste is Tilapia. Lol. But I can imagine how it will taste. And if you follow me on Pinterest, you know I can imagine an awful lot. :-)  Last prep, I'd do my cardio sessions with a tote bag full of recipe magazines & books. Thankfully, while I still collect those goodies, Pinterest is much lighter to carry around ;-)  Armed with my Samsung tablet, I pin away while sweating, huffing and puffing. I honestly have no idea what all I've pinned. It's kinda like waking up from a drunk and discovering you were on Amazon - and you have Prime. With One-Click. Lol! One of these days I'll go through all my pins and organize (and probably delete many). But, until that day comes, I will continue to pin.

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In other news, I've had a series of "Wow, that was stupid" moments... yesterday I managed to walk into the door jamb twice. Same one. Then after pm cardio, sauna, and posing, I somehow slammed the microwave door into my face. Left a mark. And then this morning, I made the brilliant decision to Nair my arms so I didn't have to shave them (prep for spray tan). Probably would have been fine except that I had a series of scratches on my arm from Sadie's paw pads that I was unaware of. At least, unaware of until I put Nair on them for 5 minutes. OMG!!! Chemical burns are no fun, let me tell you! #$@!!  My arm is now slathered in Emu oil, which is much better for skin trauma than coconut, just fyi.

I had my "last" workout today with Kayla. We did a sort of full body circuit, a little of everything. After, I had my shake & apple, then got some Mama time with Shi as we aimlessly meandered through the mall (it's 5 minutes away from the house, so a good spot to chillax). She did find a new cookbook and is currently prepping baked chicken parmesan and raspberry cheesecake muffins for them for dinner tonight. I'll be out of the house before the smells start teasing me ;-) and she'll have it all cleaned up and put away before I get home. I truly love how considerate my family is to me during this prep. Seriously appreciated!!

Tonight I'm headed back to do Cardio and dry sauna. From here on out, that's all I'm doing. We've begun my water cutting... I'm down today from 1 1/2 gallon daily to 1 gallon. The lowest I'll go is 1/2 gallon, just random trivia ;-)   My food plan from here through the show is set. My schedule is set. I'm packed and ready to roll.

Tomorrow I start with my standard fasted cardio, then I have my manicure at 1pm. At 3pm, the girls will all join me for pedicures, so that'll be some fun :-)  In the evening I'll have my cardio and sauna. Thursday is fasted cardio, polygraph and registration, then evening cardio and sauna. Of course, through all of this, I've got my usual work to do also. Friday is fasted cardio, then fuel up, then dry sauna, then massage, then check in to hotel and do my skin prep for the spray tan, tan at 4:45, then dinner... In-n-Out!!!! Protein style (still gluten free), but I am so looking forward to that burger and fries!! :-)   It'll be an early night, then Saturday it's Go-Time!

My show day cooler will be loaded with my Tilapia burgers, a protein shake & green apple, some fruit and nuts/seeds and WATER! Lol! I'll be taking Sunday and Monday as full rest and refeed days, then Tuesday I'll be back on prep for the September 5/6 show!

Ok... I've gotta change and head back to the gym. I feel good. Tired, of course, but good. Solid. I'm just ready. Let's do this! :-)


  1. I am sooooo excited for you! I've been following your blog for years and I've really enjoyed tagging along as you prep for your shows. This one, in my opinion, has been very different. I guess that's the experience of already having one under your belt. You'll have to post a comparison about the differences between the two….what you did differently, what you learned, what you will avoid in the future. Let us know when you're ready for clients!!! Love the Food Porn you post on Pinterest…..except it always makes me hungry!! :-)

  2. I am so excited for you as well! You have conquered many challenges and climbed many mountains you got this Chelle! You are doing great! Keep up the hard work heading into the finish! Three more sleeps as of today :)