Monday, August 11, 2014

Less than two weeks... and NO EXCUSES ALLOWED!

I keep saying it, but Time is Flying! At the same time... it's DRAGGING! I am now 12 days from show, and while a big part of me is screaming, "Almost there!!!", there is another part of me that is whimpering and begging to just stop. I won't, of course, but the thoughts are there. This is hard. Really hard. I know I keep saying that, too, but I don't want anyone thinking that competition prep is something someone can breeze through simply because they have discipline and willpower. "f"-that. ;-)

Seriously, though... I've gotten some comments and emails lately and I feel like I need to address this. 

So... Warning... tough love ahead...

I am NOT superwoman. I do NOT have anything YOU do not have. I have no powers, no special skills. I do not have a greater capacity for discipline than anyone else. A part of the reason I'm doing all this is to show you that YOU have it in YOU to reach YOUR goals. If I can do this, this crazy journey, then YOU can do your own. NO EXCUSES permitted.

Let's recap for a minute, since we're talking about excuses. We've all got them, right? There's always something to hold us back, to keep us from taking those steps toward our goals and dreams...

August 2013 - Our daughter got married, we bought a house and began renovations, and helped daughter move out of state.
September through January - It's not fair to call what we did a remodel - it was a rebuild. Every day was filled with renovation in anticipation of moving in.
November - drove to Sacramento, CA to pick up my amazing rescue, Sadie. Plus holiday madness.
December - Add more holiday madness to renovation. And let's not leave out the expenses of all this (hello, stress).
January - move in.
February - begin training again, in anticipation of show prep. Hello, Asthma. Hi, again, separated AC joint, bursitis, tendonitis, and arthritis.
March - throw a cast on my broken arm. Keep training. Oh, and move daughter back home to AZ because her husband deployed to the Middle East.
April - Official start of Show Prep. Cast comes off. Still have to wear brace, and do physical therapy.
May - August - Train, train, train. In spite of still having to wear brace (nerve damage), arthritis, asthma, and the realities of life.

Oh, and through all this, I work. I have a family. My family has their own lives and work and school and needs. And, if I forgot to mention it... I'm almost 44 years old.
Go ahead - tell me your excuses.

I don't say that to offend anyone. That's never my intention - ever. I'm here, have always been here, to show you that YOU can do it! YOU can reach your goals! There are no excuses for not doing it. Period.

Back in 2007, I began my first health website - for YOU.  As difficult as it was for me to initiate a lifestyle change, I wanted to make it easier for others - to share not only my experiences (good and bad) but also the information I'd learned, so that someone, anyone, might see that they, too, could change - take control back of their life, weight, and health. Through the years, my single goal in having my life transparent online has been to show YOU that YOU, too, can transform yourself.

I live my life for myself. I challenge myself, for myself. I continue to learn and grow - for myself. But I share it on the internet for YOU. If I can do this, so can YOU. The only thing holding you back from transformation is yourself, your excuses. DUMP THEM.

These last days of competition prep are brutal, physically and mentally. But throughout the journey, I have traveled with integrity - true to the plan, the diet, the workouts. I have not "cheated". Not once. And I will finish strong. Because I can. Because YOU can. 

Will you??  Will you take control? Will you change your life? Will you do what it takes, whether you feel like it or not? Will you travel the journey with integrity? The path isn't easy. Nothing worth achieving is easy. Your goal is worth achieving, and you are worth achieving the goal.

Don't look at me and think, "oh, I could never do that". Instead, look at me and think, "If she can, I can."  That's why I'm here. That's why I share. I am on your side - I'm just like you. What's your goal? How hard are you willing to work to achieve it? C'mon! Let's do this!!! You're not alone... I've even built a community forum for you, where you can interact, share, and learn. If you're not already there, check it out and find even more support to help you reach your goals. We're all in this together, folks. And you CAN do it.

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  1. Well said, Chele! I'm sure I speak for many when I say we appreciate the time you take to post your journey. It IS encouraging and motivating. We all need an occasional kick in the fanny and yours was well timed for me. I have excuses…..plenty of them….but, I need to find that motivation from within myself. Thank you for another great post! BTW, your back looks amazing!!!!