Thursday, August 7, 2014


Ever been driving while using your phone's navigation, make a "wrong" turn and hear it say, "rerouting"? Random trivia - I hear that a lot from my phone, lol. However, today it has a different context. Show prep. Things are going great... I've been feeling good about where my body is at and I'm looking to the finish line.

And then we weighed in yesterday.

I've started losing muscle. We did another weigh in this morning just to be sure it wasn't a fluke (it wasn't) and now we're rerouting. Adding protein and calories, reducing HIIT. We're so close that at this point it's really all about the fine-tuning. This isn't a big deal. It's just time to reroute.

Today's changes were:  no fasted cardio in the a.m., removing HIIT from my evening cardio, and adding a bit more protein. I did back/biceps/shoulders this morning, and in a bit I'll return to do my 45 minutes steady state on the stair master. I'll follow that with 20 minutes in the dry sauna, then shower and go do my posing session (1 hour). I should be home by 10pm. Thankfully, I had a chunk of time mid-day to get my errands run... I'm now fully stocked for carb day ;-) FRUIT!!!  I also have a gluten free & dairy free frozen pizza to try out... we'll see. If that fails, I've got lots of sweet potatoes and white potatoes to play with.

On another note... because I have an event next week (HUGE news to share but I have to wait), I need a tan, like STAT! So, for the very first time in my life - and in spite of watching the Final Destination movies - I went to a tanning salon. A spray tan wouldn't work - I sweat too much and it wouldn't have time to develop between workouts/cardio and the event, so a tanning bed it is. I did a ton of research, then called a local place. She was incredibly helpful, so I drove on over. She was even more helpful in person (probably why she's the manager), and I did 6 minutes with no problem. Well, physically no problem - it's amazing the crazy scenarios your mind can come up with in 6 minutes, thank you Hollywood. So... I went back the next day.

The manager was not there, someone else was and she was... chatty and distracted, I think that's a nice way of saying it. The end of the story is that I couldn't see the clock, but I am fairly certain that I was not locked in that box for the agreed upon 7 minutes. If I was, that was the longest 7 minutes of my life and resulted in a fabulous (not) burn over most of my body and lovely (not) white stripes down my sides. To say that I am upset is... accurate. I now have to wait for this burn to go away before I can go back, which endangers getting the tan I needed by the event. Bah! Boooh!

And yes... I know all about the dangers of indoor tanning. Enough said.

So, back to the event... it's going to be a bit of a schedule pretzel, but it'll be fun! At this point, I think I'll be doing my cardio afterwards at the hotel... while everyone else is partying, lol. We're staying overnight, so all my food has to come with. On the fun side, I get to dress up a bit! Yay for being girly, lol! Makeup, hair, shoes that aren't sneakers! Woot!

Apart from these things, we've got one more event we're prepping for... Once my shows are done, we're having a casual bbq the next day to celebrate, then the following week, Bill and I are running away! OMG! 5 weeks from today! Ok, we're not running, but we are driving. ;-) We cannot wait! I keep sending him pics of where we're going, lol.

It's been forever since we've really taken any vacation, let alone by ourselves! In fact, I can't even remember the last time we got away for more than a day or two completely alone. As far as we're concerned, it'll be perfect if we never even speak to another soul the whole time! Hahaha! Seriously though, we're looking forward to the break, the couple-time, just to relax and de-stress. Ahhhh!

Then, once we return, we'll be packing up Shiloh and helping her move back to San Diego because her hubby is coming home!!!! Cross your fingers, it looks like his deployment will end at the end of September. :-) We've missed him so much! It'll be fantastic to have him home! Of course, I'm going to have major Mommy-withdrawals with Shi moving back to CA, but they'll be back and forth for visits :-)

Ok. I'm day 6 no carbs, and my fuggy brain has taken more than an hour and a half to write this post. Lol. Oy! Ready to recharge tomorrow! :-) Sorry if I've rambled. Speaking of no carbs... my car locked me inside it today. Yep. Couldn't get out. Brainiac that I am right now pushed a button that shouldn't be pushed (and forgot to push another one that should be pushed). Oops. I did eventually figure it out, but I think the folks in the Hi-Health parking lot were really wondering about the crazy lady.

Carbs - they're good for your brain.
Just sayin'.  ;-)

We're nearly there, folks! 2 1/2 weeks from the ANBC show, and 4 1/2 weeks from the NPC!


  1. Okay!! So where are the pics of the ripped back?? I'm all anxious to see!! Or are you holding out now that the show is so close? I guess the real question is: So do you stop and strike a pose whenever you are walking by a window or mirror so you can see if your muscles are coming out to play? :-P

    As for the car....I guess you could always carry a white coat in the vehicle with you (a cotton/canvas one) with long belt can just hold it up and smirk. Let them wonder if you really NEED it or not! hahahaha! (of course no offense to anyone who actually DOES need the white coat). ;-) ~Jen

    1. Hahaha, Jen!!! Yes, I do indeed utilize every reflective surface I pass ;-) LOL! And I keep checking my abs just to make sure I didn't dream them up, haha! Still there? Oh good. Still there? LOL!
      Bwahahaha, I absolutely need that very special jacket! ;-)
      Back... I'll be posting the pic today... woot!