Monday, September 1, 2014

Bring On The BOOM.... And... Felled By The Boom...

LOL! This week was the start of my build phase... We'll build for several weeks, then go back to cutting for the November show. My weights are all heavier, reps lower, calories higher - and the amount of time I spend soaking in Epsom salts... MUCH GREATER. Hahaha! I am so incredibly sore! I mean, S.O.R.E. Did I mention that I'm sore? Holy moley! Example... Friday was leg day with Kayla... by Friday night, my butt cheeks were quivering and I couldn't bend down to pick up anything. I don't even want to talk about how my lower body felt Saturday. And Sunday.

I've been spending some quality time here, lol. 
My legs aren't the only sore spots... chest, shoulders, back... in fact, as I drove to the gym Friday, I kept squirming in my seat wondering what the heck I was leaning against because it freakin' hurt! When I got there, I turned in my seat to see what it was - nothing there - I felt behind me to see if something was stuck to my shirt... and that's when I realized... it was just me. I was so sore that my skin was tender to the touch. Ouch.

So yeah... Operation Bring On The Boom felled me this week. Lol. Yesterday was chest & triceps plus cardio and dry sauna. I have to say, that not being in a depleting mode, being able to come home from the gym and still have energy to hang out and cook with the family... it's pretty awesome!

Regarding food... I've successfully added chicken back into my diet. Yay! And I have not had Tilapia since the show. YAY!!!!  Hahaha. I also reintroduced cabbage... that didn't go so well. Ugh. That'll have to stay on the "don't do it" list. I've also learned that I need to add salt to my diet. Since the show, I've drunk a ton of water each day, but stay thirsty (and pee a LOT). Turns out my sodium is too low, so my body can't hold onto the water. Bring on the salt!

Yesterday was my food prep day, and boy did I prep!

The Counter of Chaos TM
That's a lot of veggies!
Ground turkey breast, broccoli slaw, coconut aminos

Beef Chorizo for the family

Veggie Power Mix with ground chicken for me

Adding serious power to the power mix ;-)
Nutritional yeast & seasonings

Chicken Chorizo for me, and in the back is my Power Mix cooking

Pre-searing the beef for Monday's dinner, a yummy zucchini noodle dish

Buttermilk chicken marinade (soaking the chicken in buttermilk makes it SUPER tender!)

Chicken soaking away!

Veggies ready for steamer bags

Good to go!

And dinner... zucchini noodle stir fry

The buttermilk marinated chicken is ready!

And... YUM!!! 
On another note... let's chat a sec about the Competition Spray Tan... Two words for you, my friends... exfoliate and moisturize. After the show, you jump in the shower and watch the brown sludge go down the drain, lol. You're left with a gorgeous "I just spent 2 weeks sipping pina coladas on the beach" tan. Well, you'll have that tan IF you moisturize. Constantly. Once you shower, and that bronze all comes off, your skin gets really, really dry. I was good at first, about staying moisturized, and gently exfoliating (so that it comes off evenly). Then I got lazy. And this is what happens if you get lazy about exfoliating and moisturizing...

So... if you have, or are getting, a competition spray tan, let me be your cautionary tale. Or is it cautionary feet?  ;-)

On another note, Fall is in full swing around here. The boys did their Fantasy Football draft on Saturday - I made them a big crockpot full of my chili and a couple cast-iron skillets of corn bread, then Shiloh and I headed out to do some shopping. She's counting down the days now until Jared comes home, so she had a few odds and ends she wanted to pick up. I'm going to really, really miss hanging out with her when they move back to San Diego.

I got lucky and found a few sweaters and such... it's silly, but after I reached goal weight back in 2008, I ditched all my fat clothes (which included a lot of sweaters, lol), and never replaced them. Living in our part of AZ, sweaters just aren't high on the list. But... not having any has been challenging those few weeks each year when you actually need warm clothes. Every year I swear I'll rebuild my Fall/Winter wardrobe, but I don't. Shi's been helping me fill in those gaps, which has been a lot of fun. Another thing I've never really done since the weight loss is establish my own personal style. I'm style challenged. Shi has also helped me with this. And let me tell you, my friends, when shopping for clothes, makeup, etc, you really want a shopping buddy who isn't afraid to tell you when something is not flattering. Shi is very good at that, lol.

The other benefit of finding sweaters and such is that it's going to be a lot colder in Colorado next week than it is here - so I'm good to go ;-)   And, clothing aside, I am so ready to go! Since we're doing the November NPC show, I'll have to stay with my training and nutrition while we're gone, but that's ok. It's going to be so awesome to soak my sore body in mineral hot springs!!!! WOOOOHOO! :-)  

Hey! Maybe it'll help finally get the rest of the tan off my feet! Lol!

We leave next Tuesday. I seriously cannot wait!
Can we go yet? ;-)

So, all this brings me to today... I'm waiting for my stomach to settle after that darn cabbage, lol, then I'm headed to the gym for Chest & Biceps, Cardio and Dry Sauna. After that... I got nothing. Shi's off doing a photo shoot, Bill's watching TV, Bethy is camping. It's going to be a quiet Labor Day at our house. :-) Ahhhh, quiet. It's a beautiful thing.

Happy Labor Day, ya'll!

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