Monday, September 15, 2014


We had such a wonderful vacation! Did I finally unwind and relax? Let's just use this little visual to answer that... See that bottle in my hand? It's Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee... 48 oz. That's 1.5 qt. of full throttle coffee goodness. In normal life, I drink 3/4 of a bottle. Every day. Yep.

That one I'm holding? Same bottle I brought with us - and as we packed up to leave for home, it was still half full.

So - yes, I slowed down and relaxed. LOL! It was wonderful! ;-) We had a really, really good vacation.  If you're on Facebook, you probably saw several shots along the way, so forgive me for reposting them here.

Our trip started out with a bit of a... detour. The day before we left was the infamous 100 Year Flood here AZ. Our backyard became an extension of the pool, lol. We were lucky. The photos on the news were at times seriously amusing (kids actually got out jetskis and rode them in the parks!) and at others, incredibly sad as there were a few people who lost their lives. Our highways flooded - some with more than 5 feet of water. But things dried out pretty quick, and by Tuesday morning we were loaded and ready to go.

Packing up the clean eats!
Well, this isn't what we had in mind. 
We'll just follow this car, it doesn't look too bad.
Still following...
Guess that wasn't such a great idea. Lol. FYI, this was NOT Officer Friendly.

Bill didn't want to go out through Flagstaff, so we went the other way. For awhile. After we received our ticket, we backtracked and eventually made it out of the wilderness we'd wandered into. And guess what? We went out through Flagstaff. Lol. We managed to add 2 extra hours to our trip. Oy!

The trip up was wonderful (other than the aforementioned) and we enjoyed watching the scenery change along the way. We arrived that evening in Durango at 6:25 pm - we had to pick up our train tickets for the next morning, and they close at 6:30. Whew! From there, it was officially vacation. We rode the Durango - Silverton train, had lunch at Grumpy's (fabulous), and I ended up napping on the ride back down the canyon, lol. The next day we headed into Pagosa Springs where we enjoyed the hot springs, shopping, trying out the restaurants, sitting by the fire, driving around, horseback riding, more walking than I've done in my life (lol)... it was a blast!

Usually by the end of a trip, I'm ready to go home - to get back to routine. This time? I'm ready to go back ;-) Here are some more pics of the trip's highlights...

Adventure time!

Checking in at our Durango Hotel

Gorgeous hotel lobby

View of the Animas River off our balcony

Bill and I both are well stocked ;-)

Packing up our snacks for the train ride

Absolutely beautiful trip! 

The car we rode in is the Silver Vista, it's got a glass roof
so you can see EVERYTHING! Awesome!!

All checked in at Pagosa Springs!

Stunning interior of our part of the hotel


Heading out to the hot springs!

Exploring! That's Treasure Falls behind us.

Yep! We crossed the Great Divide!

And stopped in Wolf Creek Pass for another selfie ;-)

And again in Durango (went back our last day).

As you can see, there was a lot of smiles on this trip. It was so good to relax and unwind. So good to have the time alone, together. And seriously, we're ready to go back. ;-)

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  1. YAYYYYY She's back! So glad you had a great time and feel well-rested...much deserved! Was wondering how you guys fared with all the rain/water issues. Looks like more is close by again. Stay safe....glad to see you back in action! ~Jen