Monday, September 29, 2014

What's UP??? 6 Weeks From Show...

Ok, when you last heard from me, I was living in a fog. Yeesh. I was so conflicted over this prep - should I, shouldn't I, what's important, what's too much... a gazillion questions running through my head, none of which helped me focus. Added to that, my weigh in was... not what we expected.

I spent the last week trying to narrow down my "issues" and figure out what was going on in my head. I had long heart-to-heart's with Bill, and with Kayla. I did the work, ate the food, but I struggled. Finally, enough was enough. Either I'm in this or I'm not. I decided I wanted to be in. ;-) SO... I pounded my workouts, my doubles, my cardio; I built a killer new playlist for my iPod; I prepped food and packed up for... another weekend away. But before we left, I had another weigh in and... BOOM! Right where I'm supposed to be. Whew!

We left Saturday, returned Sunday - whirlwind! And of course, the 2nd big storm of the season hit while we were gone (drat, hadn't fixed that front window yet) - Bethy rode out the storm with Sadie, keeping an eye on the water levels in the backyard. And of course, texting a worried Mom. ;-) while we drove to San Diego.

Shiloh and Jared are now fully moved in and settling into their new apartment, and I have an "office" that I have to clear out and fill up this week. Oh, and we're traveling again. Crazy, right? We're leaving Thursday, returning Sunday. Ermergerd! Hahahha! BUT...

I'm in it. I'm fired up, excited, and ready to rock this journey to the stage. My head's back on my shoulders and my eye is on the prize. I feel good. Solid. Steady. My weight is at 130 lbs, and my bf is 16.9%.  We've got 6 weeks and this time I'm going to "show up".

We started cutting phase yesterday - so I'm down from 2000 cal/day to 1600. In a couple days, I'll make another cut. I'm adding in morning fasted cardio tomorrow, and my pm cardio goes up to 60 min on steady-state days, 50 min on interval days (20 min HIIT + 30 min steady). My macros are shifting and my food choices are narrowing. Tilapia burgers are back on the menu, lol!

Let's DO THIS!

We've got a million things going on here - besides work, family, and the normal stuff, we're embroiled in a matter that, while the attorney's are handling, is still heartbreaking, we've just resettled two of our kids in San Diego, we've got social and business events coming up (including Bill attending the Inc.500 Gala - woot!), and Bill and I are on the cusp of taking one of the biggest steps in our lives.

PLUS... I'm competing. YIKES!

I spent the weekend pinning like a madwoman trying to get ahead on plans for our annual Halloween Party and Thanksgiving (which is just 2 weeks after my first show, 1 week after the second). Which reminds me, I've got to schedule in a run to the storage unit for the holiday decorations & costumes. Oy!
But, fun oy! ;-)

And Dex keeps putting in appearances in strange places. Lol.

He's seriously wigging out Sadie.

What my exercise looks like this week...
This morning I did legs with Kayla (ouch), and tonight I'm back in the gym for cardio and dry sauna. iPod's are fully charged, lol.  Tuesday is Chest/Shoulders, plus 2 cardio sessions. Wednesday is Pilates, plus 2 cardio sessions. Thursday is Back/Biceps, plus 1 cardio - then we'll leave here that afternoon, arrive back in Durango, CO sometime that night (late), sleep. Friday begins with fasted cardio, then busy busy busy, and in the PM I have legs and cardio. Saturday is rest day (ahhhh!) but busy busy busy. Sunday I'll do fasted cardio, then we head home; once home I'll do Chest/Shoulders and more cardio. And yes, I'll be packing up my cooler for the trip. ;-)

So, there's my update. I'll share my new playlist with you in a couple days :-) It kinda rocks, not gonna lie. ;-) I'm off to the grocery store for ground turkey and tilapia. Lol. Here we go!

Happy National Coffee Day! 


  1. Hope you know that even when the comments are quiet, there are a ton of us out here following along and rooting for you!!

  2. LOL - I was thinking the same thing. Been super busy lately and just haven't been up to posting anything at all, but feeling guilty! Yep, still rooting along! (But have some free time I'm here! ;-) ~Jen

  3. Today its 5 weeks from show! Keep Rockin it Chelle :)

  4. Thanks!!! Rockin' and Rollin' through the calendar! 5 weeks from Peak Week! :-)