Friday, October 17, 2014

Changing My Perspective... Why I LOVE Competing

I'm taking deliberate steps to change my perspective. One of those is the following list... Why I LOVE Competing. A bit of a switch from my recent whining, yes? ;-)

1. I love proving experts wrong. With all my auto-immune issues and the resulting damage, I was told (often) that it was impossible for me to participate in my chosen sport: bodybuilding. Suck it, experts! ;-)   (fyi, I now have very supportive medical practitioners who not only encourage me, but do everything they can to keep me doing what I love)

2. I love the routine. I might bitch about the food (hello, Tilapia) but I really do enjoy the black and white of the routine... the day in, day out 'sameness' is actually a comfort to me. I don't have to think about it, just do it. I like that structure.

3. I love watching my body change. No matter what phase of training I'm in, there's always something evolving... striations where there were none, muscle size increases, discovering I have abs! I love it! And I love knowing that it's changing, evolving, because of what I'm doing - the work, the food, the water. With so much of life outside of my control, knowing that I control this, 100%, is incredibly empowering.

4. I love the beauty of the Figure body. The symmetry of muscle, grace, and strength. And I love that I'm developing that.

5. I love doing something that others, particularly others who are far more physically capable than I, won't do. I cannot tell you how many times I hear "I could never do that!" When a (almost) 44 year old woman hears that from a 20-something woman - it's a pretty bad-ass feeling, not gonna lie. Not to beat the horse, but: asthma, separated AC joint, major damage in both knees, shoulders and one elbow, tendon damage in wrist, tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis... So yes... bad-ass. ;-)

6. I love feeling fit and I love the way my clothes fit. And I love the fact that at 44, I look better than I ever did in my "youth". And I love knowing that it's because I made the choice, did the work, built the body. Again, empowering.

7. I love the feeling of accomplishment. Scheduling, Training, Cardio, Diet (and the accompanying laundry, grocery shopping, food prep, etc) - Competing requires everything you have, then demands more. I love learning I have more. I love knowing that I'm stronger than I thought I was, that I'm capable of more than I thought I could be. And back to #1, I love doing what I was told, what I thought, couldn't be done.

8. I love the sense of satisfaction I have each night when I go to bed knowing that I've done everything within my power today to reach my goals.

9. I love the confidence and poise I gain each time I step out of my box and grow. Getting up on that stage in a few well placed (and glued down) sparkly scraps, high heels, and a tan takes some serious guts. Now add walking, posing, smiling... and you've got a shy-girl's worst nightmare. Two times I've faced that down, and two times I've walked away better for it. Here's looking at number 3.

10. I love the support and encouragement I receive when I need it most. You guys, my coach, my friends, my family... you've all been there for me, strengthening me, each step of the way and I am so incredibly thankful!!!

So there's my top 10, and as you can see, I have successfully completed the "remove-head-from-ass" procedure. ;-) My job now is to stay focused on the joy - the fun - the positive. To remember, and keep remembering, why I love this. Especially right this moment... because it's time for more Tilapia. Bwahahaha! ;-)


  1. There you are!! The emotional roller coaster that every figure competitor must take during those final weeks! Enjoy the ride Chelle! I am rooting for you from KC and so dang proud of you!!

  2. Sounds like you are back on track! The vulnerability in your posts is part of what draws people to you. You post the good, the bad and the ugly of competition. On a different note… looking at your Pinterest posts, it looks like you're fantasizing about donuts these days! LOL!!

    1. Thank you!!!!
      And yes... It's a sickness, Lori!! LOL!! Donuts, S'mores, Waffles... Yeesh! This is stuff, by the way, that I NEVER eat - I can't even remember the last time I ate something like this, I'm just obsessed! LOL!

  3. Hey - glad to see you have a list! The best part is digging through your own head to come up with it all, so now you know the WHY's of your choice! Sounds like any negatives that pop into your head can be beat back with any # you select off of your list. :-)

    I did leg day today (early this morning) and fought the urge to just stay in bed. You know what my final thought was before getting up? Well, if Chelle can eat TILAPIA for 400 days straight....I can certainly haul my butt out of the dark room and comfy bed to get up and NOT eat tilapia but enjoy my chicken and veggies after my hard-core leg day! And I got it done! So thanks for the inspiration this morning. It is so true that what defines those who succeed at their chosen path comes down to doing what you have to do. You just get it done - it's that simple. Easy....nope. Simple? Yep! ~Jen

    1. Awwww! Thank you!!! And I love the way you worded that... Easy...nope. Simple? Yep! LOVE IT!!! :-) Now, time for more tilapia! LOL!