Monday, October 13, 2014

Hills to climb and goals to reach...

What a week! I'm hoping today I can actually finish this blog post (started it last week!). Lol. So what's new in the life of this (almost) 44 year old figure competitor? Where to begin? Ok, first things first - and this comes with a heads-up... my space bar on my computer doesn't work. Typing has been a challenge this last week, lol, and I finally ended up plugging in a USB keyboard, but this will not last long (major irritation plus it stops my mobility). The bad news is that in order to "assess and potentially fix" it, they have to send it out to HP and it could take 3 weeks or more. YIKES!!! So... heads-up, there are blog posts ahead that will be done on my phone. Bear with me, lol.

Next... the kids are nicely settled in San Diego once more, and we're looking forward to a Halloween visit from them. We'll be throwing a bit of a party here, and while I do get to dress up, I'll mostly be passing out candy at the door. Ah, competition diet. ;-)

This week is my son's 23rd birthday. Next week is my 44th. The week after is Shiloh's 21st. Then the week after that both my and Bill's mom have birthdays. They'll both be 39. ;-)  Then just a short 10 days later, I'm back on stage. And then... I plan on fully enjoying the holiday season. Not, mind you, that I'll pig out and let it all go - hell no! I've worked too hard for this. I will enjoy a change in diet and gym schedule, but what I mean is that I'll be able to fully focus on my family - the moments, memories, and joy. A season when no one, including me, has to think about my diet, workouts, cardio, water loading/cutting, fish, and so forth. Lol.

But until that time... all of that IS my focus. That focus, has been challenged this last weekend. I got laid low by an allergy attack from hell. Couldn't breath, dizzy, weak, sneezy... ARGH!!! Thankfully, I only lost one day, but big head-messing with that one. Yeesh. I'm still fighting it, but the doctor can't see me until Friday (at which time I'm getting the works - ugh - yearly physical, chest x-rays, mammo, pap, B-12 shot, and allergy shot). In the meantime, I've got my benadryl, nasacort, and kleenex Kool-touch.
Fun times.

This weekend also marked the shift into final 5. Five weeks til' show. Diet is now all white fish, kale, asparagus, and WATER.  Sorry, make that W.A.T.E.R.  1.5 gallon minimum. Just keep swimmin', just keep swimmin'...  Hahahaha. Supplements are: Multi-vitamin, C (post-workout), Calcium/Magnesium (to help with my muscle cramps), probiotic, fish oil, Dynamic Greens, Glutamine, B-complex, and the usual protein powder (mixed with water now, no more almond milk). My fats are simple - the supplement, 1/2 an avocado or pistachios or almonds, a tiny bit of olive or coconut oil. Lean, mean, and clean.

The one guilty pleasure I have, haha, is a sports drink. I know, I know! I'm drinking a sports drink? Yep. I'm desperate! All in all, though, it's full of good things and doesn't taste like baby aspirin. Xyience Xenergy in Cran-Razz. I got hooked on them during our drives to and from Colorado.  Sigh. This too shall pass, yes? Don't judge. ;-)

Yesterday was leg day. Leg day typically means shorts - and yesterday was no different. I donned my shorts, Minion t-shirt, knee braces (ugh), and away I went. I did my squats, deadlifts, leg press, extensions, curls, lunges, inner/outer thigh, etc. Then donned my sweat belt and climbed on the stairmaster for my first 30 minutes of cardio. I pumped away, then moved on to the treadmill - where I spent the 30 minutes alternating between humor and horror.

See, here's the thing... I sweat. A lot. No, really. A lot. Even my knees sweat. It's a sh**ton of sweat. Some might consider it unholy and call or an exorcist. Yep. Well, when I wear my sweat belt, it forces my mid-section to sweat even more - and the neoprene holds in that sweat. Typically, I experience a bit of a foot-shower when I take off the belt as all the sweat pours out. Again - unholy. Well... sometimes, with certain movements, the belt shifts, and sweat "leaks" out. Down my legs. Remember I'm wearing shorts? The mortification nearly got the best of me, and then came the humor...

If you don't offend easily, I highly recommend 2 things (I'll get to the 2nd one in a moment). First... BroScience. These guys are hysterical! I paused my endless Pinterest perusing, and jumped on YouTube where I watched their "How to Eat Chicken Without Wanting to Kill Yourself". OMG. Totally took my mind off the very visible sweat pouring down my legs, with the added bonus of spiking my heart rate every time I laughed. Good stuff!

So now back to the 2nd thing... I just picked up Thug Kitchen's new cookbook. Again - if you offend easily, just steer clear of this one, but if you don't... you're in for a real treat! They're so freaking funny and the recipes are not only fabulous looking, but entertaining as all get out! I can't wait to jump into these tasty dishes! :-)

There's my update. I'm back to work, then a gazillion errands before gym-time again. ;-)

Ready for the week? Let's do it!!!


  1. Bro Science is hysterical! I am glad you saw that one, so appropriate.I guess my counting is off as I thought it was closer than five weeks. You are doing great, keep up the great work! A well deserved holiday season awaits

  2. Holy Cow....... I LOVE that video on chicken!!!!! I don't remember laughing that hard in a while!! As for the sweating issue - it's said that the healthier/in-shape you are, you sweat more or sooner. Not sure on that one since I've seen it both ways on people, but hey....the theory holds for you! Probably no more fat cells to hold on to the water....they've withered away and are no longer crying....your water just has no place to GO! hahahaha!

    Never heard of the Xenergy stuff....might have to investigate for those not-so-rarin'-to-go days!

    Good luck at your least you know they won't tell you that you need to drop a few pounds! LOL!

    Just keep swimmin' ....errr.....drippin'! ~Jen