Friday, November 7, 2014

Relax, Refocus, Refeed...

First off - let me tell you how much I appreciate you guys!!! I've gotten a ton of supportive messages from you via the blog, facebook, and email, and each one touches my heart, and each one brings just a little more healing to the process... THANK YOU!

I've spent the week using a great big stick on my I'm-not-in-the-gym-and-eating-fish guilt ;-) Yes, I'm still in the gym, yes I still eat fish, but neither consumes nor epitomizes my life these days. I've done no cardio since I stopped my show journey - partly to help get rid of my chest cold, and partly to just freakin' rest. My workouts - I've got three workouts a week (two weights, one pilates), and I'm just fine with that, right now. I'll bump that up within the next couple weeks, as well as add back in my cardio ('cuz part of me is going out of my mind without it, lol). While my strength is increasing, I still start to feel that exhausted-burn in my legs after just a few minutes. No bueno. Kayla thinks I'm not high enough in calories, and she's probably spot on. Silly nutritionist - not eating enough. ;-)

I reverse dieted - meaning simply that I kept my calories right around where they were during prep the first 4 days off of prep, then increased to 1300, then 1400, with the plan to be up to 1800 by now. Then I went on my soup kick, lol, and lived on my Turkey Taco Zucchini Noodle soup and nothing else. Great for comfort food when you're not feeling well, not so good for calorie increasing, haha. Oops. ;-)

Funny sidenote about the reverse dieting. There's a trainer at my gym who was also planning to compete at the November 14/15 show - she pulled out the week before me. The week after I made my decision, she chatted with me, telling me all about the joys of no longer being in prep mode... then said she was really surprised by how quick her abs went away. I must have had a funky face, because she went on to explain that within just a few days of going back to a "normal, eat what I want" diet, her abs disappeared.  "Huh," I said, "I haven't experienced that. I've still got mine." I got quite the dirty look, lol, but all I could think was, Really??? You're 20 years younger than me! BOOM, beyotch!! Hahahaha! Yes, I have a very snarky side. And I might have done my happy-snarky dance in the car when I was driving home. ;-)

So what am I doing with all the time I'm not spending in the gym? :-)  I've gone on a recipe testing & development binge. Hehehe! LOVE IT! I've finished up 4 new recipes this week, with several more still under-construction. I even (now sit down and hold on to something) made apple fritters... fried apple fritters... with the gooey drizzled icing. Yep. And... the sky did not fall! I can assure you, though (are you still breathing?), that these will NOT be a regular in the kitchen rotation. Lol. Wow, that's a lot of sweet - and oil, but oddly addicting. Yes, I have never had an apple fritter before so it was quite the experience. I also don't fry things, pretty much ever, so working with hot oil was a painful reminder that I don't want to fry things, hahaha.

Other recipes we've enjoyed, that I'll be sharing soon with you... breakfast stromboli, beef & broccoli in the slowcooker served with faux fried rice (made with cauliflower) - the hubby knew there was no rice, and was quite cautious with this until he took his first bite - LOVED it! Woot! We also had a killer stuffed spaghetti squash - OMG so incredibly good! And last night, we had Bethy and CJ over (with their new puppy) and I did buttermilk brined game hens with oven roasted mushrooms, asparagus, and the previously mentioned fritters for dessert.

The game hens and mushrooms still need work. Not impressed. Everyone else loved the hens (the shrooms were just an all around "meh"), but I didn't care for the herb blend. Shucks, guess I'll have to make them again ;-) I've also done a roasted chicken... and we just won't talk about that. #kitchenfail. And another big batch of (surprise!) Taco Turkey Zucchini Noodle Soup! ;-)

On the horizon - healthy & low sodium, but crazy good, bean and bacon soup; chicken turnovers; homemade GF egg noodles and chicken soup; more breakfast muffins; chorizo stuffed plantains; cuban lasagna; and a starbucks inspired pumpkin spice frappuccino. All that said, let's go back to the bean and bacon soup....

If anyone has a favorite recipe, I'd love you to send it to me! Doesn't have to be healthy, or low sodium - just your favorite. I'll take care of the rest ;-) The hubby has challenged me to develop this one, so I want to blow his socks off!

As much as I'm enjoying my time in the kitchen (it's like coming home after a long, long trip!), I still have to kind of pace myself as I get really tired, really fast. I feel good, I feel like I'm getting rest and certainly getting quality refeed, but my energy levels are just not where I'd like them to be yet. I'll probably go get a B-12 shot today, and plan beef for dinner. We've got some travel ahead this weekend, so that boost may help significantly.

In other news, I have a whole boat-load of CEU's to get done, lol. So I'm studying quite a bit these days, too. We've got some major changes coming our way in the new year, so prepping, researching, due diligence and all that... it's pretty busy between normal home life, study, cooking, and the upcoming projects. Plus, we're finally "moving in" to our house - putting stuff on the walls, decorating... things I haven't made time for before this. I'm loving watching the house come alive, and everyday I'm reminded that my parents built this for me - there isn't a room or surface in the house that they didn't work on. What an amazing thing!! I'm so grateful and blessed, and it's beyond time for me to do the things that make this place shine.

We're also coming up on Sadie's One Year Forever-versary!! Woooohooo!!! She's come so far, and is so darn sweet that I just can't imagine life without her. I type that as I am icing my black eye. Lol. Those paws of hers are lethal! She now officially outweighs me by 55 lbs. ;-) As you can see in the pic, she doesn't much care to have her photo taken, but she'll put up with it if she can get a snuggle. Hahaha!

So... that's my update... I'm off now to study and work on those recipes.  And switch to a fresh ice pack. ;-)

Don't forget to check out the latest workout and cardio playlist! November's list is up and quite fun, if I do say so myself ;-) You can find it here, and previous lists here.

Here's a peek at some of my projects (thank goodness for pinterest!)
This sassy gal is now at home in my kitchen, holding my apron. 

Aren't they adorable??? Love my pinup bookends! 

I can claim ZERO creativity in this one... I bought the display
at Hobby Lobby. LOL! 

Just another opportunity to freak out my kids ;-)

Welcome Fall!! :-) I'll have to take a new pic, since I replaced the
"treat" sign with a couple more scarecrows. ;-)


  1. Will you go back to taking on clients?

    1. Yes, but on a limited basis. I'll share more about that soon! :-)