Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!

I hope your Christmas holiday was full of bright, shining moments of pure joy! Ours sure was!! We had several things that made this holiday perfect...

Yep!! I'm gonna be a Grandma!!! Woooohoooo!!!! Shiloh and Jared are expecting in August and we're all absolutely thrilled! Lemme say it again... WOOOOHOOO!!! :-) She's feeling good - just that first trimester "tired", and she and baby are both healthy. <GRINS!!>

Next, we got to visit with Lauren and her parents! What a great night!! It's absolutely wonderful to see how happy Lauren is, how tight their family unit is - how complete they are together. It's hard, really hard, to not be a "regular" part of her life, but there are no regrets, only joy.  They're a beautiful family and a joy to be around.

Next up, my parents adopted a sweet little border collie - remember how we got Sadie? How she just walked right into my sister's house in California? Well, Sweetie did the same thing here to me! Life is stranger than fiction. Little starved thing with those golden eyes - she's such a love and just perfect for them! So when they came for Christmas, they got to meet her, then take her back home with them after. (Yes, I checked to see if she was a lost dog - she's not).
The whole family fell for this pretty lady - she ate up all the affection (and good food) we heaped on her. What a doll!

And next up... All my chicks were in the nest for the holiday :-) Best feeling ever!! We had so much fun spending time together, with so much to celebrate! 9 people and 4 dogs equals one house full of joy! BEST EVER!  We had great food - I was in heaven cooking and baking away. However - while several items were fantabulous, I had some pretty major fails in the kitchen, too, lol. I don't know if I was just so excited that I was distracted, or if the kids are right and I needed to be drinking wine while cooking (lol), but I: burned the potatoes for Christmas breakfast, burned the mushrooms for the gravy, burned cauliflower, burned the (gasp!) prime rib. Oh, and the gluten-free white chocolate cranberry cake was a big fail, too. Oh well! :-)  Everything else turned out great, and around 7pm I gave up and poured a glass of wine. Wine makes everything better, right? Except for, you know, clearing smoke from the oven, but - whatever. ;-)
This was a good reminder of why I don't bake.
THIS is what it was supposed to look like.
Go ahead, laugh. I sure did! 

Winnie (Joey's dog) and Bill sharing a moment. Lol.

Dex offering his help to Santa

Vader's got Dex's back.

Marinated peppers & olives with Mozzarella on a Rosemary wreath.
I served it with pita chips in the center.

Cranberry Brie Bites - yummy!

Bill's Christmas morning sweatshirt. Bwahahaha!
We live to embarrass our children.

Mine - can you tell it's a little big? LOL!
Seriously - love embarrassing the kids!

Shiloh with baby Garth - Haley came by with the twins! FUN!!

Sadie claimed Danny, lol! 

And... one final holiday surprise that came in around 10pm on Christmas Eve and blew us all away -
But I can't tell you yet.
I can tell you it's big. Bigger. BIGGEST!!! :-)
When can I share? Oh, round about mid-February'ish. :-) I can't wait!!!!

What are your New Year's plans? Anything special going on? We're hosting a little get-together here - just food, drink, games, and hanging out. How about "resolutions"... anyone have a list? What's on it?

Happy Holidays, my friends!!! May the blessings you are to me, be heaped upon you!

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