Monday, January 26, 2015

Finally!!!! A few goals completed... including a Newsletter!!

Hope your weekend was fantabulous! Ours was busy - we were able to finally complete a couple projects we've left hanging (um, for a while).

The first was Bethany's headboard... since she moved to a larger (not twin) bed, she's not had a headboard and after pricing out what she wanted (and having a minor heart attack - about $1200 for a headboard and two nightstands) I hit up Pinterest. Did a major sell on the hubby that we could do it ourselves, and then headed to Home Depot. And then I began to question my sanity. ;-)

The project was more involved than expected - and since neither Bill nor I are particularly handy, it was a challenge. However... challenge met. Check out Bethy's new headboard.
Take particular note of the hardware...
Talk about challenging!! Those nails, while adding just the right touch we wanted, were  a pain in the ass! And  yes, two of those split the boards. We're calling it "character". Lol.

Next up are her nightstands - these will be stacked together to make the right height, then she'll have one on either side of the bed :-)  The final coat of stain is currently drying, and Bill will drill them together when he gets off work.

Cost of the headboard: $25 for the wood (half a "fence" panel), $8 for the stain, $3 for the stain applicators, $10 for the legs, $15 for the hardware. Total: $61.

Cost of the nightstands (each): 2 crates @ $12 each, $3 for stain applicators. $27 each.

Not bad, right? Thank you, Pinterest for the DIY inspiration!! :-)

We've also got planned turning this...

Into something like this or this...

We've got two of those doors, so maybe we'll do one of each ;-) Bill started sanding off the paint this weekend (and that's gonna take a while). While he was doing that, I finally got my decals on the laundry room wall, WOOT!!!
I still have a few things I want to do in the Laundry room, just to give it a bit more... ambiance? character? Either way, I'm not done yet :-)  And yes, we have a lot of spare socks. 

And... I also cooked and worked on new recipes. I've got one I'm (hopefully) doing the final test run on today, then I'll be sharing it tomorrow - which coincidentally... is when I'm sending out my very first...

Major Goal Achieved!!! I've wanted to offer a newsletter for... well, for a really long time, but it didn't work out until now.  And I'm so excited about sharing it with you!!! 

If you're interested in receiving it, be sure to sign up - just click on the link below! 

In the meantime... looking for a quick and easy dinner tonight? Try out my Chicken Verde Tostadas

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