Wednesday, January 14, 2015

News and New Recipe Ahead...

How's the New Year treating you? Ours has been... challenging. We've got, as usual, a ton of stuff going on, including the awesome news I just can't wait to share, but have to, lol. Mid February, I'll unveil the new chapter in our book :-)  I'm struggling to eke out time to study (drat those Continuing Ed requirements, haha), the hubby is also studying for his own exam, Bethy is about to start back up the new semester, Ariel has started a new job working for my hubby's company, Joey continues to work hard, traveling all over the U.S. - right now he's on his way back from Texas. I've managed to get all the Christmas decorations packed up, and am now trying to figure out what to do for "Spring" decorations :-) And of course, Recipe for Fitness continues to grow (lots of plans for that this year!).

However, if you're on facebook, you may already know, but we had a heartbreaking event last week. Our daughter and her husband went in for a routine doctor's appointment, only to learn that the baby had died. Absolutely devastating. My heart is with them, and I'm so proud of the way they're holding tight together to face this sad experience. I know the future holds bright beautiful things for them, and I'm focusing on hope and healing as we all move forward.

This weekend will find Bill and I traveling back to Colorado - it's snowing! Those of you who live in the snow probably think we're nuts, but hey - we live in Arizona - snow is awesome to us, lol! May even get to go on my first snowmobile ride - or snowshoe! Woot! I better pack the inhaler, haha!

Tonight we're headed to the bowling alley - Bill's got league. I don't bowl anymore (in the league) since my elbow and wrist have never fully recovered (tendon damage), so I just go to cheer everyone on. It's a great group - Bill, his dad, his dad's wife, our best friend, and a couple other friends - Always a fun night :-) I do miss playing with the team, but not enough to screw up my arm again, haha!

Sarku's Teriyaki chicken, veggies
& soba noodles
Tomorrow I'll be whipping up a new recipe to share with you - cannot wait!! One of my favorite meals is Teriyaki Chicken from a little restaurant called Sarku. I only get to enjoy it a couple times a year, and have always wanted to make it myself at home. When I order it, I get extra veggies, no sauce (because I have no idea what's in it), and I sub the white rice with Soba Noodles - then savor every bite. I came across a recipe on Facebook, and my daughter makes another she found on  Pinterest - so I played around and did what I do... I tweaked. ;-) And WOW!! New Fav!! And - I get to enjoy sauce!

I'm addicted to the contrasting textures - the chicken, crunch veggies, soft veggies, noodles... and of course - I douse the whole thing liberally with Sriracha ;-) I'm excited to share it with you, so be sure to stop back by tomorrow!

What recipes are you enjoying? What's your current fav? Apart from my soups, another favorite I keep going back to is this one... it's a lot of ingredients, I know, but it is seriously amazing! I make it with ground turkey or chicken breast. Check it out!

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