Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taking a Big Bite of Life (aka Biting Off More Than I Can Chew)

Well, the title says it all, doesn't it? LOL! I like to keep busy, it's just part of my personality, but this has somehow turned a corner into insanity. Oh well, who wants to be sane, anyway? ;-)

Currently, I'm doing a ton of recipe testing and tweaking - several days a week, my kitchen is my laboratory. When I'm working on a recipe, it's not just the ingredients and process I'm working out, I've got pen and paper for notes, and my computer for nutrition programming - I'm crunching numbers, along with herbs. So it takes a bit longer and more effort and attention. Which is fine - I love it.

In addition to the recipes, I work on my clients plans, the website, updating and tweaking, the newsletter (did you get yours today??), the special exclusives I include in said newsletter (this issue it was a full 7-day meal plan - 45 pages!!). There's travel - business, and personal (family). I have a ton (ok, there's 9) new cookbooks to go through and review, and 15 periodicals/magazines that also must be read and processed. There's the forum, this blog, the other blog - all of which I'm trying hard to improve my presence in. I have my Personal Training Course, which is slow going as I haven't blocked in stone my time to study (ugh). And there's general life... husband, kids, family. It's been busy. Which, again, is just how I like it.

However - in the midst of all this I've taken on a few more projects. One is learning about nutrition for healing and endurance for Chemotherapy patients. (random... did you know that if you can keep a patient properly fed, it'll reduce weight loss, thus increasing their chances of completing chemo on schedule by 80%? Tough to do when most patients struggle to choke down single bits or sips due to pain and/or lack of appetite).

The second project is actually a series of projects. I bought a sewing machine and serger. Back a million years ago, I sewed for hire, to feed my family. I'm not going to address the ex except to state that a new synthesizer or speaker is NOT more important than feeding your children. 'Nuff said. So, I worked at JoAnn's during the day and sewed through the nights. Costumes, wedding gowns, prom gowns, regular clothes, home dec stuff, crafts... I did a ton of it. So much, that when I came out to AZ, I put away those machines (which were later ruined in a move - and boy, was I mad!!), and swore never to sew in another zipper. EVER.

Fast forward to these days... I need window coverings, a window-seat cushion, and a ton of nursery items (for the future), as well as a line of cool aprons for Recipe For Fitness that I want to get done. So, after pricing stuff out for weeks, I realized it was stupid to hire out or buy what I needed when I have the skills to do it myself, the way I want it done.

So I bought the machines. And all the supplies for the window seat. And several patterns for other stuff. Now I am staring at my office with all this stuff staring back at me, and realizing that I need to get the desk no one uses out of that room, and replace it with a crafting table and storage cabinet. So.. yet another task added to my list.

What was I thinking??? Oh, and I need to get all our tax stuff together in a reasonable order, then over to our tax guy.

Oh!! And I have to go to the grocery store - we need general supplies, plus I have another recipe to test tonight. OMG. I think I'm going to go sit out on the patio (it's a beautiful 71 degrees!) and suck my thumb. Or have a big drink. Is it too early for wine?
Nope, Betty say's it's not to early, as long as I keep it to one glass. No problem, I'll use hers. ;-)

So... what do you all do when you've bitten off more than you can chew? How do you organize your time and priorities? What are your challenges? Your greatest tricks to keep it all together? SHARE!!! ;-)

Happy Thursday, folks!


  1. Geez woman!!
    I don't know how you do it, at all.
    I didn't know you used to sew! I sort of shoved my machine away too after all the years making costumes for burlesque. I was pulling it out because our new place needs new curtains. Let's just say the couple that owned this owned it for 50 years, so you see the style I'm hinting at on coverings? (It was just their vacation home though)
    I crumble when I've taken on too much, and yes, wine, chocolate and cheese sooth my nerves, lol

    1. LOL! 50 years - yep, I'd say new curtains are needed ;-) Wine, chocolate, and cheese... sounds like a solid plan to me! ;-) <3

  2. I'm in awe of you! Be careful you don't burn yourself out. I have no advice for you. When I have bitten off more than I can chew, it all comes down to the crash and the rebuild with whats most important to me.

    1. Thanks, Helen! My goal is to circumvent burnout, for sure!

  3. oh wow!!!!!!!!!
    I totally would have never guessed you sew!
    usually when ive got too many irons in the fire (which I am prone to do often,lol!) my job is to make a priority list so I can get the irons that need to be taken out of my fire as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    get a calendar and start blocking times out for the areas that need attention, with the largest blocks of time set aside for higher priority tasks. make deadlines and get er done!
    : )
    and yes, borrow Betty's wine glass, have some chocolate and celebrate when you are done!

    1. Love the calendar blocking! I'll try that! Thanks!!!