Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend in Review... Tombstone

Anybody do anything fun for the weekend? The hubby and I took off... ran away, though not far. We've lived in Arizona for almost 15 years, and have never been to Tombstone. I know - heresy, right?! Especially when you consider this... I'm related to the Earp Family on both my Mom and Dad's sides. Lots of rich family history there - fascinating, all of it, but still I've neglected to do the deed and visit Tombstone. And it's only 3 hours away.

What makes it even worse, is that when I worked at my previous job, one of the projects we were marketing (I did all the websites and marketing stuff for a large real estate company), was the Earp land finally being available to sell. I built their website (the initial one), did their marketing materials, and was generally swimming in Tombstone lore for 2 years. Still never visited.

Well, we finally went. Friday we packed up and headed out. We drove through Tombstone and on to Bisbee where we toured the copper mine - it was really neat!

Being me, though, I did not leave unscathed. We donned our protective gear, including a handy hardhat. We were instructed to board the train-thingy, where I promptly knocked myself silly on the overhead beam. The guide saw this, made sure I was ok, then said for the benefit of the 20 other tourists, "And this is why we wear hardhats". Gee, thanks. Lol.
See that board on top of the train?
That's what I whapped myself on.
Bisbee AZ
The tour was great, very informative and a lot of fun. From there, we swiftly got lost on our way to the hotel, The Copper Queen. Tiny, tiny, TINY streets that are not on a grid. We eventually found our way, and can I just say that parking is a challenge in Bisbee?? Lol! We checked in, then headed out to explore, where we discovered that the whole town shuts down at 5pm. Yep. Everything but the bars and restaurants. That was... disconcerting.

The restaurant at the Copper Queen was fabulous - I enjoyed a tasty grilled chicken breast over spaghetti with their truly spectacular marinara and asiago cheese. Serious yummage there! Bill had the spaghetti and meatballs - the meat just melts in your mouth! We highly recommend eating there if you visit!

Alas, we encountered none of the resident ghosts, and the next morning, packed up and headed to Tombstone. Our first stop was the Western Heritage Museum - what a GREAT place!!! Along with an abundance of Earp, local and outlaw info, I learned about WAVES - an all female Navy program during World War II. It was fascinating! Why isn't there a movie about those gals??

Another fascinating tidbit... there is no grocery store near/around Tombstone. Nope. Not one. And no one carries Aleve. Oy! Yes, I had a raging headache from my encounter with the crossbeam from the mine tour. Lol. Actually, the impact was so hard that my neck and shoulders ached - this led to an inflammation chain reaction - less than 12 hours after it happened, every joint was on fire. Fabulous. We finally found Aleve tablets at a gas station. Ahhhh, a modicum of relief!

We toured the town, visited the Bird Cage (again, the ghosts were MIA), shopped, ate Buffalo at the OK Cafe, toured, retraced the steps of the big shootout at the OK Corral, and just generally had a great time. Oh, and I did get to see my work still on display at the SilverStone Ranches storefront on the main street. ;-) We also headed out of town to visit Gleeson - another ghost town. Recently someone had purchased the old Jail and turned it into a museum. While we were wandering through, the owner popped in and we had a great chat with him about the area, and his family (his dad had owned the Mercantile across the street from the jail, and he'd grown up in Gleeson!). It was neat! 


Back in Tombstone, we had a drink at Big Nose Kate's, then headed over to The Longhorn for some dinner. Sunday we packed up and headed back home. While we didn't get to see any gunfights in the street (evidently they now save that for Western Days), it was a terrific getaway and a lot of fun.

I'd like to go back sometime with all the kids (and my folks, so Mom can give me the inside family scoop while we tour, lol) during their Western Days or Helldorado events. That'd be a blast!

Have you ever been to Tombstone? Was it what you expected? Did you like it? See any ghosts? ;-)

Now back home, I've been working on catching up, laundry, recipes... all the usual, lol.

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