Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday's Recipe Mania!

I love recipe days! Today I tried out 3 recipes I found on Pinterest... I even managed to follow directions! I didn't make a single tweak. Not a one. And... on two of the recipes, I should have ;-)


First up was the main dish... Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk.

It was VERY good. When you try it, don't leave out the cinnamon stick because you think it's weird... lol! Trust me, it gives the chicken a very subtle, extra yum. Also, per another blogger's directions, I cooked it for the first 30 minutes without a lid, then the next 30 with it. Dayum good!!

I did two sides, one starch, one veggie... Here's the potato stacks.

Results... Meh. I got these puppies in the oven during my chicken's last 30 minutes (they cook at the same temp)... they were ok. Actually, they were just ok. Nothing special. No spike of "oh wow!". Not even a little bump of "oh wow". Meh.

Second side, these green beans.

By all accounts, these should have been fabulous. They weren't. It was too much goin' on. Next time, I'd do either the sauce or the toppings - and I wouldn't waste my time doing the boil/blanch thing. Just toss those puppies in a steamer bag and done. Yeesh. But, I can decisively say now that there's NO taste difference between doing it the super-time-consuming way and my easy steamer bag way. Hence, you can guess which method I'll use in the future. ;-) But back to the recipe... the toppings got lost in the strong flavor of the sauce. Again - it'd be one or the other.

So, all things considered... decent dinner. The chicken's a keeper, the potatoes need a flavor tweak, and the green beans - well, I've got better recipes. What'd YOU have for dinner?

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