Monday, March 9, 2015

New, News, and Pooped by Noon...

Hope ya'll had an amazing weekend!! Ours was fun... a little downtime, a little crazy... just like usual ;-) We've got a boatload of traveling in the next 60 days, so we're trying to really get a handle on home-chores/honey-do items before we head out of town again.

First up was my office / guest room. It is also now Sewing Central, lol! It's been years (YEARS) since I've sewn anything. Coming back to it, feels a little like coming home. I truly enjoy sewing - the process, the creativity, pretty much everything (well, not zippers - never zippers). After this weekend, I've got an IKEA wardrobe built and installed and filled with supplies, an IKEA extending table built and installed and now housing my machines, 1 rolling computer cart (also IKEA) built and loaded up with the printer and supplies then pushed under the table, and 2 (IKEA) storage stands built and placed under the table. All my fabric is washed, ironed and hung in the wardrobe, and I am ready to roll! And, I did 99% of the work all by myself. Yes, I am proud of that, lol. If you've ever put together anything from IKEA, you'll understand. And I only had 4 blisters on the palm of my had when I was done! ;-)
Yep, window coverings are at the top of the to-do list! LOL!

Over the bed, we're doing this project,
with classic pinup girls in each of the glass panes

So why am I not sewing right now? More to do first...

Study time is blocked daily and going well - I even found some amazing resources at Barnes and Noble this weekend. I'm a visual learner. I do ok with textbooks, but if you can "show" me, I'll nail it and never forget it. My textbook is a bit light on solid visuals. I found several medical reference books that are AWESOME!!! and super helpful. Already, I've gone back over sections I just wasn't firm on and now feel like I "get it". Yay!!

Additionally, recipe development... this is a usual for me, several days a week. However... I was contacted last week by to participate in a Wynn Vegas recipe challenge! Woooohooo!!!! Celebrity Vegan Chef, Tal Ronnen has an incredible selection of tasty dishes. My job is to select one, play with it, tweak it, give it my own spin, then share it - allowing folks at home to get a taste of gourmet vegan-vegas. HOW FUN IS THAT???

Chef Ronnen has been on my radar for awhile, because of his truly amazing talent and ability to create dishes that anyone (yes, carnivore, even YOU) can enjoy. Playing with his dishes is an honor and a joy. If you're looking for a GREAT gourmet vegan cookbook, I encourage you to check his out. Anyway, so I spent the weekend building  the recipe in my head, and today I'll finish it up then build it. Wish me luck!!

This week has crazy written all over it, lol. I've got the Wynn recipe, my own recipe development, my studies, (laundry, housework), clients, sewing projects, hubby has a trade show out of state, while he's gone I get a Mommy-Daughter day with my Mom (woot!!), then the day after he returns we'll head out of state to visit with Shi and Jared for the weekend, then next week it starts all over again.

Oh, and this week my fabric from England should arrive!!! I can't wait!!! If you missed it on facebook, this is the fabric, and it is ONLY available in the UK. After much back and forth, (and a whopping 27 yard order) the company agreed to ship to me here in AZ. I'm so excited!! It's so sweet & sassy!! Plans as of now are to do my kitchen roman shades with it, then an apron/oven mit/hot pad set, and I'll go from there. Shi is trying to claim 2 yards of it for herself, but we'll see ;-)

Back to recipes... other than my Wynn challenge, I'm also working on another vegan dish - I'm really digging Tempeh! Then I've still got to nail down that drunken greek chicken recipe. I think it only needs a tweak or two. I've also got a paella working in my head. And, the amazing Coach Kayla got me inspired on a grilled tomato recipe that I'm thinking about ;-)

So... now, my friends... I'm off to study. What's on YOUR to-do list this week??

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