Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Something BIG is Coming!!!

Ok, first off, let's catch up a bit. Last friday I had a great time debuting as a Test Judge for the NPC. While I previously had a great deal of respect for the work judges do, after experiencing a show from their side of the table, all I can say is, "WOW, that's a lot of work!!". There were about 200 athletes, and the NPC here in AZ moves QUICK!! Whew! It was hard to keep up! It was a fantastic experience, and I'm excited to do it again!

Following that fun, the hubby and I rented trikes from Scottsdale Harley and hit the road with friends. We had a great time! I will admit, I didn't think much of trikes (training wheels? really??) but it was amazing! We'd actually given up motorcycle riding because of safety issues - concern about the other drivers on the road. We'd had a couple close calls, and just didn't feel right, so we sold the bike and let it go. :-(   But... the trike has a larger 'footprint' on the road, cars are more aware of you, and the ride is super comfy!! We had a blast!! I have a feeling there will be more trike riding in our future ;-)

Back home, it's been busy, still trying to get the next newsletter put together, working, studying (did 7 chapters yesterday - can you say brain-mush???), everyday-life-doing... and early Friday morning we're heading out with friends, back to Colorado for a few days of R&R. Two weekends "off" in a row??? WHAT??? I know!! I'm looking forward to relaxing in the hot springs with a glass of wine, great company, snow surrounding us... ahhhhh!!!

Then, the craziness begins... we drive home early Monday, hubby goes straight to the airport (literally) to catch a flight to CA for a trade show, I go home, unpack, do laundry, catch up with Bethany and Sadie, then repack and hit the airport early Tuesday morning. Bill returns home Wednesday, I fly back on Thursday (which fyi, is his birthday, and my sister's birthday!).

So... where am I going??????

Oh my gosh, you guys!!!! It's HUGE!!! I've been given an amazing opportunity and cannot wait to share it with you! But I have to, lol. Keep watch here on the blog and facebook & instagram & twitter... next week is going to be AMAZING!!!! It's incredible, not just for me personally (OMG, OMG!!), but for Recipe For Fitness, too! Seriously, I cannot wait!!! Wooooohooooo!!!!!

Starting Wednesday, you'll be seeing pictures of what I'm up to on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and here... Stay tuned!!!