Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Irish Edition ;-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For years, I believed I was Irish (well, part) through my maternal grandfather's side. Why did I believe this? Because his wife, my grandmother, told me so. Often. And with great pride. Turns out... she lied.

See, a few years ago (oh my gosh, more like over a decade! Lordy, I'm old!), my cousin went on this amazing journey through Europe. One of her goals was to visit our "family's" castle and tell us all about it. After much hunting, researching, she called home to Grandma quite confused.

"Uhh, Gramma, I found the castle - and it's amazing - but, it's not in Ireland. It's in Scotland."

"Yes," my grandmother told her.

"Okaaaaay, so we're not Irish? We're Scotish?" my cousin asked.

"Yes," grandmother replied.

"Uh, Gramma, then why have you always told us we're Irish????"

"Oh, I just thought it sounded better."

This of course, caused quite the uproar among us "younger" folks. Lol. So, of course, I got right online and looked up as much as I could. Now - my husband's family can be traced all the way back to the various Dukes of Buckingham (you know, the ones who always tried to overthrow the throne and ended up losing their heads? Yeah, those were Stafford's). I loved pointing out to him that while his castle was in ruins, mine was still standing, and in fact a tourist attraction. Once all this Irish/Scottish stuff came out, he just had to needle me.

Well, to prove a point, I went to our Castle's website again and pointed out - "Still standing" in my smug manner.

He looked, and looked, then started laughing. I'm talking serious bend over, eyes leaking, losing breath laughing.

"What?" I asked. "What's so darn funny?"

"Look at the address," he said.

Ah crap. Seriously???? Yes, folks, my clan's castle is sitting on Stafford Street. Turns out that the Stafford's had actually occupied our castle for quite some time before we finally got it back.

He still gets a kick out of that.

So what's that got to do with today's post? And where's the Tasty Tuesday part? Right here... While yes, evidently I'm Scottish (hey hubby -"Póg mo thón!") - there's a portion of our family who fled to Ireland at one point. So I call myself Scottish of Irish Extraction. Lol. Therefore, I claim St. Paddy's day as my very own. Go ahead, laugh all you want, but we're feasting tonight! ;-)

I'm about to get out the crockpot for the Corned Beef & Cabbage, then prep the veggies for the Colcannon (which I'm playing with the recipe a bit - you know me!), and gathering up what I need to make the Irish Blue Cheese Tomato Soup. I'm pretty darn excited! ;-)

I've also got Guinness and Pear Ale, so I can make Dirty Pear's. ;-) Yummy!! It's super easy to make - it's just half guinness and half hard pear ale/cider. And 100% delicious!!

My house is going to smell like cabbage, but that's what candles are for, right?

All the recipes I'm using are linked, so just click on the names. This is going to be fun!

Sláinte my good friends!!! 

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