Friday, June 19, 2015

How's it going?

How's everyone doing? Any fun plans this summer? Special goals? The only goal I've set for this summer is to survive it with joy ;-) Things are still rough here. We're working our way through the challenges, and holding tight to each other. On one front we got some scary and sad news about a family member's health. On another, I'm just back from another trip out of state, and plan to go back again in about a week. But hey, I only got lost ONCE on this trip! Lol!

I'm learning a lot about living in a state of grace. When things are out of my control, big things, I tend to fold in on myself - internalize, reduce my circle and just focus on getting through. These things our family members are dealing with are so huge, so devastating, and so completely out of our control. I'm trying hard to just stay in the moment and do everything I can there - rather than worry, rather than fear. I can't change the outcomes. I can only change how I face them. There's so little I can "do" to help, that it can drive me a little nuts. So, in turn, I drive my family nuts ;-) I can't do the big work that they have to do, but I can provide resources, cook, clean, do laundry, walk the dog... so I'll keep on with that while I pray for miracles.

While in CA, my daughter and I headed up to Temecula for some girl-time (mall!). Afterwards, we went looking for this little store I used to shop in when we lived there (10 years ago) - and we found it! I was so excited that it was still in business! I have a thing for silly gargoyles (weird, I know), and have several that I purchased there back in the day - well they had a bunch more! I got these adorable guys for my library. Aren't they cute??? :-)

Yes, I'm a total dork, and I'm ok with that.

It was after that little shopping experience that we got lost. Lol. I still have no idea where we ended up, but we saw parts of Temecula that I never knew existed.

We were able to have lots of fun on this trip, and spent some time at SeaWorld (did you know they give free entry to Military and their families???), we saw the new Jurassic movie (amazing!!), watched a few movies on demand, and hung out. It was nice :-) Shiloh got me hooked on Parenthood, so we binge watch that during the days, lol.  I think Bethany is going out with me for the next trip (still trying to work out scheduling for the hubby so he can come too, at least for a few days). It'll be nice to have company on that drive.

I'm home for a bit longer than I anticipated this time (just over a week), so I'll be working on updating my protein muffin recipes while I'm home. Any other recipe requests, shoot them my way and I'll do my best to get to them. Shiloh and I have been testing Pinterest recipes while I'm out there, so I'll be working on some more of those this week, too. And I have a dog-treat recipe working in the back of my head that just might come to fruition. :-) Ironically, my daughter is on a high-sodium diet right now - so wrapping my head around that while I prep food is just boggling, lol. More salt? What? Hahaha.

I'll be spending a lot of time indoors this next week since we've been hitting the big temps here in Chandler... 117. Ugh. It's a little weird to go from the beautiful San Diego weather to this, lol. Right now though, I'm off to the grocery store to restock some real food (though Bill and Bethy did better this time, lol - at least there was no taco bell), and I think I'll buy some wine. Yes. I believe it's a wine night.


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