Monday, July 13, 2015

Catching Up...

I'm back at home, at least until Thursday. There's so much to catch up on, tasks to do... Oy! I spent last week in San Diego with the kids. This time Bethany went with me, which made the ride out there a lot more fun - until my navigator fell asleep as we were entering San Diego. Yep, I took the wrong exit. A bit of panic ensued, but we got it straightened out. Lol. Seriously, you'd think I would have this trip memorized by now. It's the switch from the 8 to the 67 to the 52 to the 15 that gets me. Every time. Lol.

Anyway. We got a lot done this trip... lots of recipes tested (some good, some not so much), lots more doctor visits and errands, and managed to get in a trip to Dog Beach so Bear could play. :-) It was fun!

After tons of research, and speaking with doctors and a super fabulous Naturopath (Rachel Corradetti - Tosca Reno's daughter), we've started my daughter on Acupuncture, and made additional dietary changes. The acupuncture was an experience neither of us had before, so that was interesting. She'll be doing that once a week for quite some time. The needles weren't an issue, it was the laying there for 30 minutes without moving - she and I both have a hard time with that, we get fidgety, lol.

Her dietary changes include more protein, less gluten, more veggies, less fruit, more fat. We'd already been making moves there, so it was a matter of just a little tweaking. She's doing fabulous with it :-) She's always been a Lasagna-Mac'n'Cheese-Pizza kinda girl, so to ditch all that and eat so differently is a challenge, but she's really done great! She even sends me pics of her meals when I'm not out there. Lol! I think the hardest adjustment for her is the no caffeine deal. No coffee, no chocolate.

My other daughter and I both had a consult with the main doctor, and the good news is that it looks like Bethy will not be facing the same challenges as her sister, though we'll be keeping an eye on things, retesting her every 6 months (thankfully insurance covers it!).

Back home now, I'm catching up on email, mail, chores (ugh), and appointments - it's a little crazy. Plus, Bill leaves Wednesday for a conference, I leave Thursday to go back to San Diego... lots of stuff to get done in a short time. Now that it's 115 here in AZ, I had planned to pack up all my winter clothes, but I need them when I go to CA, lol. The day I left to come home, it was 67 degrees in San Diego... 107 when I got home at 6pm. Youch!

At least Dex is enjoying the weather...  :-)

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  1. Wow! you seem like you are handling the stresses of life pretty well given everything that has been thrown at you the past few months!!!!!
    Just keep on keeping on chica! I know things can get rough when it comes to all the medical stuff,and all that travel!!!!! wow! I have NO sense of direction what so ever,so I know that if I had to make the drives you do,i would end up in Mexico,or New York, or Canada,lol!!!!!
    ive been keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!
    HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!
    something good will come out of all of this-silver linings are always the best
    : )