Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good News Wednesday

I've been back in Cali since Sunday evening... meal prepping and cooking for the kids, helping with errands and whatever else needs to be done. Although... my daughter has informed me that if I make her another spaghetti squash anything, she'll bury me in one, lol. Guess she's done with that particular veggie.

She's done so incredibly well with her dietary changes, I'm really proud of her. AND... it has paid off!! After so, so much preparation, today's event, which I cannot yet discuss publicly, went PHENOMENALLY!!! Woooohoo!!! The results were beyond any of our expectations! And now that it's finished, she's getting the treat meal that she's been dreaming of for months (even though she called me a food nazi today, haha)... coffee, pizza, hot Cheetos's, and red velvet cupcakes. Lol! As far as I'm concerned, after what she's been through, she can have whatever the hell she wants. Well, until we start the next phase. ;-)

You know, there's something both hopeful and worrisome about watching your children navigate through tough times. You hope you've raised them well, but you worry. You hope you've instilled faith, strength... that through some parental miracle you've taught them grace, and shown them how to find joy - even in times of despair, but you worry.

Then when it happens, when you see your children step up, and step through the challenges... when you see them stand strong when others would break, embrace laughter even through tears, and hold fast to what's truly important when stress tries to rip it away... when you observe this, in your own grown child, it's humbling.

And even as it humbles, pride soars. And even through that pride, you find yourself wishing there was a way, some way, any way, to take these challenges from them - to take it on yourself and spare them the pain. But... that would be robbing them. Strength comes from adversity. Peace can only be known & valued when turmoil and chaos have been experienced. Still...

But. I'm so proud of my kids. Each and every one of them. As the years have passed, they've grown from angelic babies, to delightful children, to hellion teenagers, to amazing-incredible-fascinating-brilliant adults. They thrill me, awe me, terrify me. And I'm so blessed. So grateful. I'd take this trial from the two of my kids going through it, but since I can't, I'll simply be thankful that I can be here for them when they need me - and I'll embrace with a joyful heart the good news we got today. I'm holding onto that with bright, burning hope.

And to everyone's horror, I am doing my happy dance. Deal with it ;-)

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