Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A New Transformation Challenge!

Hi friends!! This post is coming to you from Las Vegas! Yep, I'm chillin' in the City of Sin (lol) and working on a new Transformation Challenge while my  hubby is working a trade show. I did take some time today to wander around a bit... lots of walking! I haven't been to Vegas in 15 years, and am amazed at the changes! Lots of fun to be had in this town!

So about this transformation challenge... Three of the men in my life are ready for change... and they've challenged each other to do it. My hubby, my son-in-law, and one of his best friends. Yep, that's two young bucks and one old(er) buck. Lol! Jared is an active-duty Marine who wants to add lean muscle mass. Kyle finished his time in the Marines and after some downtime, is ready to get fit again and pursue a new career. Bill (hubby) is a super busy businessman, who want to shed some bodyfat and increase his energy.

Pretty different goals, right? We've worked out individual targets for each of them - and the one who hits it (or exceeds it) wins... Money. Lol, yes, they've put money on this challenge. The end date is Christmas Eve, which means they'll be working to achieve their goals right through Thanksgiving, and while none of them is thrilled with dieting on Turkey-Day, they each want to win the bragging rights of Winner. ;-)

Over the next weeks, I'll be sharing their journey with you - and I hope you'll cheer them on.

Happy Wednesday!!

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