Monday, September 28, 2015

What's Cookin'?

Hi friends! What's new? Life has been crazy busy around here, as usual ;-)  I'm cookin' up a storm, trying new recipes (and of course, tweaking them), keeping track of my boys on their transformation challenge, and lots of other fun stuff.

First off, my guys... they're doing great! Kyle is ahead of Jared and Bill right now, he's lost about 7 lbs in the first two weeks. They're all doing fabulous with the diet. Bill's been sick with a chest deal, so no gym time for him, but his food has been solidly on point. They're all super motivated, and texting each other with trash talk. Boys. Lol. Of course it helps that there's some money on the line, too. Hahaha.

Cooking... I've been trying a LOT of new recipes recently. Some have been superstars, others... well, Sadie enjoyed them. I've never killed a pot roast before, but this weekend it happened. Sadie evidently doesn't mind beef leather, lol. Below are some of the dishes we've had... and fyi, the Haitian Pork Griot and Pikliz were hands down the BEST of the best!!! Worth every single moment of prep!

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Vegas was... well, it was vegas, lol. I don't gamble (though next time I'll learn how to play craps), so for me it was mostly walking around or sitting in the room (Bill had a trade show that week). I did get to spend some time with Sandi (Bill's sis) which was great :-)  Mostly though, it was Bill working nearly 24/7 for the week. When we did get time together, we had fun - Caesar's is really incredible. We had the best dinner ever at Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Crab. If you're ever in Vegas, go there! Lol.

A funny little sidenote about the trip... so I spend several days either walking around on my own or working in my hotel room while Bill had his trade show. As we were heading home from the airport, we were talking about going back when it was just us - no work. I said, hey! I've been wanting to attend the Olympia in person for YEARS, let's see when that is and we can go back then (which he's fine with since he enjoys those shows, too). So off to google I go... and all I can find when I type in Olympia 2015 are... results. What??? Yeah. So evidently, I somehow (me of all people!!) missed the fact that the Olympia was going on WHILE I WAS IN VEGAS sitting in my room!!!! Face-Palm. Can you believe it??? I completely missed the Olympia. Booooo. Chelle-Fail.

When we returned from Vegas, I found my 2nd shipment from Stitch Fix. I kept all 5 pieces they sent! I got a great pair of stretchy corduroy leggings, a fabulous quilted vest, a faux leather jacket, a necklace, and a sweater that my daughter fell in love with (and frankly, looks better on her than me). I'm thrilled with the items their sending! If you haven't tried it, and are considering it, I very much encourage you to give them a whirl! Use this code please, to show me a little love ;-)  Stitch Fix
Not the greatest photo, sorry :-)  Sweater is missing because
my daughter has it. 
Friday morning, around 5:30 am, I woke to see a shadow in my doorway. Never a good way to wake up (especially after binge watching Supernatural until midnight). Before I could reach for the salt and crucifix (lol), I hear a bark, then am attacked by a wiggling furry black lab pup. Shi and Jared (and Bear) had driven through the night to visit and surprise us! Wooohooo!!! We had a great time, and it was so good to have them home. Shi and I hit hobby lobby and completed my Fall decorating, which was a blast.

On Saturday, I was boiling water to make my iced Peach Tea, when the phone rang... Bethany had just been in an accident. The four of us (Bill, me, Shi & Jared) dropped everything to rush to her. She was fine, a little banged up, and the car was drive-able. It had been a hit and run on the freeway - what is wrong with people??? Once we ascertained that all was well, and bid goodbye to the police officers, she continued on her way, while we returned home. We walked in and I said, What is that smell??  Second face-palm moment. I had left the water boiling. Needless to say, there was no water left in the pot. In fact, the pot was crackling. Oh crap!!! But Bethany was ok, and the house didn't burn down. All was well. ;-)

Also this weekend, Sadie showed Shi some extra love when she was trying to take a nap...
Oh, hey! That's the sweater from Stitch Fix! Lol!

Even Dex got a new friend...
So there you have it... all my updates ;-) Happy Monday, Folks!!

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