Monday, October 12, 2015

It's Monday!

So here we are... Monday. Again. So far I'm on track with my goals I set a few weeks ago. And, today I increased my cardio session time (and wasn't dying by the end, so may have to go up again, lol). My food is right where it should be (but I have to hit the grocery today to keep it there). And I'm blogging. Yep, that's one of my goals - to get back to blogging more regularly. I tell ya, this last year has been... rough.

And... I'm not the only one hitting goals - remember my guys doing their challenge? Well, one of them is already down almost 10% bodyfat! Wooohoo! Those other two better up their game or Kyle is gonna smoke 'em! ;-)

One of my kids though... let's just say Monday isn't her bff. Dead battery - twice. Already. In one morning. And that's not counting the trouble she's had with her car over the weekend. I think it's time to replace her transportation, lol.
That's gonna hurt.

In other news, I've got nearly all my stuff to decorate for the halloween party - can't wait! Got our costumes... Bill is doing the white zoot suit and I'll be wearing a Flapper dress. Fun! Still working on the menu, though. I love Pinterest normally, but for planning halloween it's even more awesome! Can't wait to share the photos when we're all done! I do have a pic though of my newest decor - thesegargoyle guys are so awesome!!! Their eyes light up red :-) LOL!

This week, my son has a birthday, next week is mine, and a few days later is one of my daughter's. Definitely feeling my age, lol. Still haven't heard from my son on what he wants to do for his, but mine - the hubby and I are headed back to Colorado for a long weekend. To say I'm excited is a vast understatement! I need my clean mountain air fix ;-) We've made no plans except for our hotel reservations - and we are both beyond ready for the break. Ahhhhh!!

I got another StitchFix shipment... seriously loving my stylist! This time, I got another great super comfy top with dolman sleeves, a couple loose tops that are a bit dressier, and a great scarf. Love it!!!

And... I finally finished a sewing project. My daughter took a job as a nanny, and so I made her a ring sling to carry the baby around in.  I had one when my kids were tiny, and it was a lifesaver! I only had to pull out 2 seams, pinned myself to the material 3 times, and broke 2 needles. Not bad for my first time at the wheel in many years, lol! Turned out great though :-)

Foodie-wise... still trying new recipes, though tonight we'll be going back to an old favorite... Lasagna Soup. I love this stuff! You can find the recipe here:  I love that it's got all the markers of comfort food, without throwing us off our goals. :-)

Happy Monday! Hope yours is going smoother than Bethany's, lol!

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