Thursday, January 28, 2016

25 Years Later...

I want to share a story with you today, and it starts nearly 25 years ago (25 years on April 2nd).

There once was a young man, working hard to build his own business. He discovered, alas, that in order to pay bills and feed his young child, he must supplement his income while growing his young company. Not afraid of hard work, he gained employment in his previous profession... plumbing. His 21st birthday arrives, and despite his pleas to get the day off, this young man finds himself in a trench. Working on a sewer pipe. A sewer pipe that must be cut. A sewer pipe that he discovers, too late, is backed up and pressurized.

The hard working young man is now covered in, well, you know, and is quite unhappy with his current situation. As he climbs out of the trench, he hears blaring music and a squeal of tires. Wiping the muck from his face, he looks out across the parking lot to see a cocky young man, climbing out of a brand new 1991 red corvette. The young man is dressed in a suit and tie, and struts away from the car to commence his business.

Our worker stops. And stares. Then he looks down at himself covered in stuff, and makes a vow. One day, he promised himself, I will buy that car. That commitment set him on a path he followed ever after. He worked hard. He built up that fledgling business, sold it, started another. He worked in many trades, always learning, always growing - always striving to build a "better life". He had some successes, had some failures, but never stopped trying.

Many years later, having achieved great success in his endeavors (made the INC 500 twice, in a row!), he shares his corvette story with a friend. The friend is much impressed with what the young man did with that pivotal moment and where it took him in life.

One day, the friend calls.

"Bill, you'll never believe what just pulled into my auction lot. I think it's here for you."

"Hey Bob. What do you mean?"

"I've got a red 1991 corvette sitting here. Primo condition."

The car that started my husband on his journey is now sitting in our driveway. And let me tell ya, it's wicked sexy! ;-)

Congratulations, hubby!!!!! You did it!!!!