Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Goodbye 2015

Yes, it's been awhile. I'm sorry.  To be perfectly honest, I just haven't had the heart to blog. But... I'm back. And I am so glad to see 2015 in my rear view mirror.

Last year was rough. Don't get me wrong - there were a lot of really great things that happened in 2015 (like my amazing GoDaddy New York trip!!), but under and over it all was wrenching heartache. Literally from January through the last day of December, our family was hammered. Disappointments and tragedies - seemed like a new one arrived each month. We'd get get through one, only to get knocked back by the next. We'd receive good news, only to have it taken away soon after. The dreams we had as a family going into 2015 were never realized.

The challenges we faced showed us just how little we control in our lives. And just how important the things we can control are. Joy and Grace were my keywords throughout the year. I held tightly to my joy - not happiness, which is dependent upon circumstances, but joy which is something much deeper. I define joy as the knowledge that no matter what happens, there are always things to be grateful for. I try to focus on the joy, even in the midst of pain & sorrow. I've been learning, over the last year, to coexist my joy with my grief - to live in grace. Hard to do when I want to throw myself to the floor and have an epic 3-year old's tantrum.

As 2015 came to a close, it brought a few final punches, including nearly losing our Sadie. She very quickly deteriorated, and coming back from our family Colorado trip, we ended up driving straight to the veterinary hospital. She spent several days there, receiving great care, before coming home just before Christmas. While she isn't as bad as she was, she's not great. And we have no idea how much time we have with her. She's been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, as well as severe arthritis in her spine and hips. One hip is labeled "catastrophic arthritis". My kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy with all her meds. Thankfully, the vet says she's not in pain, just uncomfortable and frustrated.

Apart from all that, we had a wonderful family vacation in Colorado - sledding wars, hot cocoa in the snow, we even went snowshoeing! What a blast! It was fabulous to have us all together - Bill, me, all the kids, my parents, Bill's dad & his wife - plus our fur babies :-) So much fun! We stayed at the same property we rented last December, though this year no one drove off a cliff, lol.  We got snow on our very first day, and throughout our trip. It was beautiful, and the trip is one of the memories I treasure from 2015.

As we move into 2016, we do have several things up and coming - particularly in the first quarter. Barring a repeat of last year, we will have much to celebrate - and I'll have much to share with you, soon.
The Family

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