Sunday, February 28, 2016

My first lessons from the garden...

It's super early in the season, but I've already learned a few things from my first foray into the gardening world.

First... I'm impatient. Like, really, really impatient. Case in point. My tomatoes. In the beginning there were seeds. Sweet little seeds started indoors and carefully nurtured. Omg, this takes too long. So I added little tomato plants I picked up at the nursery because no way was I waiting that long for tomatoes. Then there was freaky-freezageddon... Oy. I pulled out my poor dead tomato plants and replaced them with bigger ones. They're doing well, but darn it, I want tomatoes! So I picked up this beauty yesterday. Look! It's already got fruit! Lol. Yep.  Impatient.

And shocker... Those frostbit plants? Not dead.  Hahaha! They're beside the raised bed just a'growin away. Lol. And the cherry tomatoes finally sprouted. Finally. Though that's about all they've done. A whole inch tall. Pfft.

Next lesson... Parsley does not like as much water as its friends. My bad. I don't think he's gonna make it, so I potted a new batch all by itself. Yes, bigger and better. Still impatient.

Third... Mushrooms. Weird. Yesterday I'm doing my normal routine of checking over the beds and I discovered this weird little mushroom growing with my spinach seedlings. A closer look revealed about a hundred little guys in there!! Now, I of course hit the net where my panic was relieved.  Shrooms are good for the soil. Solid. But wait! Not good for pets! Little Hunter can't quite climb in there, still too small (thank goodness) but what if he manages it? They're toxic to pets aren't they? Unsure, I quickly threw them all in a Baggie and headed to my local nursery. I dumped them on the counter and begged the clerk to identify them. He did. Nothing to worry about. Oh wait, did you say you have pets? Arghhhh.   So he sold me a shroom killer and away I went. Well, I did buy that big beautiful tomato plant. And a pot. And two Armenian cucumber plants. Anyway...

I get home, finish my gardening chores and prepare to kill some mushrooms. Oh and I stopped at Home Depot and got a dwarf lemon and dwarf lime tree. Whatever. So I read the directions and things start jumping out at me... Wear mask, hood, long sleeves, no wind, no rain... Toxic to humans and animals.  Are you freaking kidding me???? Needless to say, I didn't use it. And I still have shrooms. But they're only in one of the beds so it must have been just one bag of soul that had the spores. I'll let them run their course and make sure to keep Hunter out. Though, he's quite curious. Shoot. I'm gonna go pull some more out.

So, moving on... Next lesson. Not everyone is as excited about my plants as I am. Poor hubby. Everyday when he gets home, I drag him out to see all the new growth.  See those itty bitty leaves on my blackberry sticks? See the edamame peeking through the soul? See how tall the asparagus is getting? And it's beginning to fern on this one!  Seriously, he's so great. He smiles and congratulates me then goes to get a beer. Lol.

There you have it. I am impatient and obsessive. Huh. Don't think that's news to anyone who knows me, lol. Oh well. At least I haven't bought any more seeds or plants, right? ;-)

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