Friday, February 5, 2016

Well, DRAT!

So I had a bit of a miscommunication with the weather. Evidently Mother Nature wasn't quite willing to part with her frosty nights just yet. What a beyotch. And, evidently, I need to pay attention when I see my neighbors putting sheets and such over their plants. Hmm. Guess that means it's gonna get cold.

First there was the Great Wind on Sunday - practically blew us off our patio, and did blow away my pool umbrella (and all it's attached hanging lanterns) and my patio shade (actually got bopped in the head with that), lost a garden sign, and my gnomes ended up looking like the survivors of a frat party. But my plants did fine. A couple bent leaves on one of the artichokes, but otherwise all good. We cleaned up the mess, and carried on.

Then came Wednesday night. It got cold. I mean bring-the-heated-blankets-out-cold. As a novice gardener, I didn't even think about my plants. Thursday morning I began my daily routine of checking for moisture, growth, etc. And this is what I saw. Drat!!
You can hardly tell there are/were plants in there! Whaaaaaa!!!!!
Four tomato plants and one basil - gone. The basil actually had ice crystals on the sad, brown leaves. Serious bummer. But... I can fix this! I can run to home depot and replace each one - no one will ever have to know! So, I went about my day getting the necessary tasks completed, then headed to the big HD.  They've gotten to know me quite well over there. I'm sure that wasn't a smirk though, on the cashier's face, when I checked out with my new (bigger) plants.

I plot all the way home how I'm going to hide the evidence, and swap in these lovely new plants. I giggle and smile. And then brake to a screeching halt when I see my husband pulling into the driveway just ahead of me. Home early???? DAGNABBIT!!!! Busted!! Being the sweetie that he is, he begins unloading the car - and sees my plants.

"Don't you already have these in the garden?"
"Um. No. Well, yes, but..."
"You killed them, didn't you? How did you kill them already??? You're like a serial killer for plants!"
"Shut up. Not one more word out of you, mister. Not one."
"Laughing isn't words."

As I put away the other items I'd purchased (grocery store run), I wondered where my husband had disappeared to. I finally spied him in the backyard. I walked out there to catch him IN THE ACT of taking a photo and sending it to our kids. He spent the next two hours snickering over his phone.

Sigh.  I still maintain that Mother Nature killed those plants, not me. But, well, I guess we all know the truth.

On the flip side of that, the other plants I put in are doing great, and my turnips are sprouting like crazy, my onions have poked through the soil, and... I have 3 little asparagus spears growing! This is especially exciting because, it turns out, I planted my 32 asparagus crowns upside down. Face-palm. Yep. I did. Oy.

In other news, Bethy got a dog. She's wanted her own pup for years, and we finally gave in. On Sunday she and I drove out to pick him up - he's a sweetheart! 7 weeks old, boxer/lab mix. She's named him Hunter, and though she handles his care, I get to puppysit for an hour or so each day :-)  I'm definitely not ready for another furbaby of my own, but playing with little Hunter is a joy. Just look at that face!

Foodwise... getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Personally, I watch for the commercials, not the game. But the food.... yep, that's my thing. Doing a nacho bar again this year... tortilla chips and halved mini-peppers will be the carrier vehicles for all things yummy. I'll have a crockpot of my Bison Chili and another of Chicken Verde (seriously easy - just chicken and a jar of salsa verde). I'm making Queso and Nacho Cheese Sauce (the queso is a new to me recipe, but the Nacho sauce I've made a few times - it's incredible!!!). Then of course, the gobs of toppings: cabbage, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapeno, olives, cilantro, guacamole, salsas, greek yogurt & sour cream, etc. It's an easy set up with minimal food prep, so it's very party-host friendly ;-)

Well, friends - there ya have it. That's the updated life of Chelle, lol.
Happy Friday!


  1. Serial,plant killer �������� so true

  2. STFU. My kids say that, so I can get away with it, right?? :-)