Monday, March 28, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust...

Ah, the life and death of a vegetable garden at the paws of a puppy. Yep. Hunter struck again. Thankfully, Loki isn't big enough to climb up into the garden beds, but Hunter... oh, Hunter. In the last few days, I've lost my entire crops of brussel sprouts, eggplant, lemongrass, spaghetti squash, half of my corn, two asparagus ferns, one Armenian cucumber, half my iceburg, two of my romaine, three-quarters of my carrots, 3 onions, my broccoli... and my lucky shamrocks. I spent some quality time with the kleenex box. At first, I only lost a quarter of my carrots, but Hunter managed to get in there again before I got the barriers up.

Look at Hunter's eyes - see the crazy???
Loki "helping" me water.

Look at that hole!!! Argggghhhhhh!!!

I'm innocent, Mom. It was all Hunter.
Barriers. The things that keep curious (and destructive) puppies out my garden. In theory.  In reality, Hunter can apparently JUMP the barrier, and when he gets caught (the neighbors down the block heard my scream) he crawls (tears) through the barrier. Joy. While all this is happening, Loki is peeking innocently over the beds to see what big bro is doing.

They've learned to fear MY growl.

So... since the kids were in town for the weekend, Shi went with me to the nursery to buy replacements. Though evidently brussel sprouts are no longer available. Mine were from seed, so I've sown some more, hoping I haven't missed the window. Sigh. All that aside, my apple tree is budding beautifully, the asian-pears are doing fantastic, my citrus are all great, and my tomatoes are going crazy!
First harvest!!!! Tasty!!!

Kiwi fruit is in!! Going to train them across the fencing.

Apple is budding!!!


Aside from the garden antics, we had a great weekend... It's always wonderful to  have Shi & Jared in town (with Bear!), and a full house to enjoy BBQ. At one point we had six dogs running around :-) Mom, Dad, the kids, their friends, the pups... it was awesome!

Sunday night we took Loki for his first dinner out :-)  There's a restaurant nearby that allows you to dine with your dog (on the patio). It's Uncle Bear's, and the food is amazing. Clearly he was impressed by the experience, lol.  Snoozed away under the table.

So, that was our weekend. How was yours?

Happy Monday!!

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