Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Crawling over Hump Day

It's only Wednesday, but I think we've crammed a couple weeks into the last 5 days. Last Thursday, bright and early at 5 (freaking) a.m., The hubby, one of our daughters, and I hit the road. You might recall that in November we lost hubby's grandma. Her husband passed a few weeks ago, and the double funeral they wanted was scheduled, so we made the drive to Sacramento. It was a beautiful service, with the most hauntingly gorgeous rendition of Taps I've ever heard performed. The family shared memories, laughter and tears. It was a good day to celebrate two incredibly influential lives.

The next day, we were back on the road for the long trip home. (And for those of you wondering, Yes, I did pack my trusty cooler lol).  We got home just after 10pm our time. The next morning I was anxious to see how my garden had done in my absence. Bethy had done a great job of caretaking, and nothing was dead that I hadn't already set on that path. Yep, the brown-thumb is still at work.

I drug the hubby out to Home Depot on Sunday - under the guise of looking at pavers. Lol. He looked at pavers, I got about 10 more plants. Flowers for the front, a little watermelon for the garden, and a few packets of seeds. It's a sickness, I'm telling you. Oh, and I got 4 Citronella plants for the patio. Yay for no mosquitoes this summer! If the plants live, I mean.

Monday was Leg Day. Enough said. (ouch).

Tuesday was cooking class day - eggs. While I wasn't thrilled with the recipes, they turned out aesthetically nice, lol.

So about that garden.... well, I'm still plucking mushrooms (cheeky little buggers). The tomatoes are developing nicely - I've got fruit on 3 out of 5 so far, with blooms on the others. The carrots have sprouted. The 2nd batch of beets have sprouted. The first batch doesn't seem to be getting any taller. Same with the turnips. Same with the buttercrunch lettuce, spinach, peas, and green beans. Hmmm. They all seem to have sprouted up quite nicely, then just stopped.

My gardening buddy is getting tall enough to do some damage, so we're having to set some boundaries there... Hunter, get back here!!!  BTW, the garden hose is a great teaching tool, lol.

But seriously - that face. Lol.

The romaine, cabbage and cauliflower are coming right along, and the edamame is doing GREAT!!!

Corn is doing well (though I did lose a couple). Cucumbers are growing nicely. Eggplant... they're not getting any bigger. However... my lemon tree has several baby lemons, and the lime & grapefruit are putting out a ton of fresh foliage so they're doing great.

The asparagus is ferning all over the place - yay!!! And yes, I really did put a fairy campsite under the asparagus. Hahaha!

The blackberry has lots of fresh leaves...

My artichokes are growing like weeds...
But the most incredible growth is from my potatoes and onions... check this out!! Left is Feb 19, Right is today...
Woooohoooo!!! So it appears I can actually get some things to grow!

Since I had room in the beds, I threw in some brussel sprout seeds, more onions, about 5 different kinds of peppers, and a few more broccoli seeds. Hopefully something will take. Then, because really people - it's a sickness, I ordered more seeds. Don't tell my hubby, k? 

In all seriousness - with all that our family has been through over the last year, having something I can do that's practical as well as enjoyable is fantastic. I can't wait to actually harvest food for the table! Um, well, if anything actually makes it that long.

I've also been incredibly grateful that I went with raised beds for the garden. Cuz, ya know, Leg Days happen. ;-) And, no weeds. Best part ever! Now, I have a tree I ordered just arrive, so I have to figure out which one it is (don't ask) and where I'm going to put it. Hmmmm. Sure hope it came with instructions!

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!