Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spontaneous?? Me???? OMG!!!!!

Anyone who's known me for longer than five minutes knows that I am NOT spontaneous. I am ridiculously organized when it comes to events (holiday meals, trips, etc). I'm the binder-Queen. I have binders for everything. My binders have binders. While my organizational skills are often mocked, no one can deny that they are impressive. Lol.

Over the years, I've learned that this formidable organization power can lead to over-scheduling. Vacations that were spent dashing from one scheduled event to another. It can be... rough. So, I've learned to dial it back a bit, though still account for every possible activity, meal, snack or gas stop. It's a sickness. Well... I had a recent discussion with the hubby that might stun and amaze you. But first, here's the back story...

You see, we have these travel points stocked up that we haven't spent yet - and need to before a specific cut off date. We've talked about traveling to see friends, maybe a cruise, perhaps a visit down to our favorite Rocky Point location... nothing really sounded great. So I had a chat with Kayla (my amazing Coach Kayla), If you had a free vacation, and could go anywhere... where would you travel?
Her answer sparked a memory from long ago.

Ten years ago when the hubby and I married, we had this amazing honeymoon planned - all romance, adventure, family history (for both of us) , and fun (and WAY overscheduled, lol!). Then we decided to put that off and instead do a "family-moon". We took the kids and several family members & friends down to that Rocky Point place and had a blast. It was terrific. The years passed, and but it never seemed to be the right time to take that special trip to Europe. Our original plan was set on a shelf to collect dust. Until that talk with Kayla. And I started to think. I mulled a couple days, then...

"So Bill... I have this kind of... wild idea... to use those points."
"Ok. What is it?"
"Well, remember our honeymoon? The one we didn't take but always planned to?"
"What if we... modify it? Say... book our flight to London, our flight back home, and the first two nights hotel. Then... wing it the rest of the time?"

He looked at me like I'd lost my mind. So I confirmed it for him...

"And what if we only took carry-on. No checked bags."

While my husband now thinks I'm a pod-person, we are both crazily excited!! We now have those flights booked, and the hotel booked... and on our 10th anniversary, we will be arriving in London and checking into the Stafford Hotel - just like we'd planned to do all those years ago. Insane, right?? I'm as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning!! We both are thrilled with our decision, and can't wait to pack up and go.

I've ordered special travel backpacks from here, along with packing pods; picked up a power converter, earbuds and a splitter so we can watch whatever on our ipads together during the looooong flights; have begun putting together my "capsule wardrobe"for the 10 days.... I've even registered our trip with STEP (US State Dept of Travel).  I'm having a blast planning while not planning. Lol. I've got great travel guides that we may or may not take with us. I've downloaded apps like a currency converter, a french translator (that works even without internet), the UK rail guide, even a track-my-trip app that will let folks follow along with us as we roam. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

We have no idea if we'll make it to Scotland, or Ireland. We hope to make at least a day trip to Paris, but we may never leave merry 'ol England. For 10 amazing days, we get to do whatever we want, whenever we want (within reason, lol). And we can't wait!!!

By the end of this we may need either strait-jackets or bail money... or both! Hahaha!! Woooohooo!!!!

Countdown is set... currently it is 1 month, 5 days, 22 hours and 41 minutes until we check in at the airport!!!


  1. Chelle!!!! someone hijacked your blog!! LOL!!! I LOVE it!! Just what you need. And I think it will be a blast! Can't wait for the pictures!!

    1. LOL!!!! Thanks!!! I'm just bouncing around like our puppy, hahaha!! So excited!!!

  2. Noooooooo! If you do spontaneity then I might have to do it too, and I'm NOT READY!! You're my (admittedly secret) soul sister in doing nothing if it wasn't arranged. Yikes.

    On the up side - I look forward to reading all about it. :-)

    1. Lol!!! I'm still stunned I'm doing it!!! Got our backpacks and had s bit of a freak out, haha!