Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Next Stop... London!

Time is flying! Tomorrow I print our boarding passes, and the next day... we fly away! Wow!! But, let's backtrack for a minute....

We had a fabulous weekend in California! Friday we drove out - Bill, Me, Bethy & the pups. Hunter traveled amazingly well, Loki - well, he had some stomach issues. Poor little guy pukes even on short drives. Like to the vet. Or around the block. It's not a lot of fun. Anyway, we were all glad to arrive at our destination. It was the first time I got to see the kids house - so cute! And a fabulous big backyard... plenty of room for a veggie garden (lol).

Saturday, a friend puppy-sat the furbabies. Hunter and Loki had a fantastic time playing with Bear and Fin. Fin is a husky, and I think Loki thought he was his daddy. Lol. While the pups played, we hit the road to Universal Studios. It was my first time (which is silly, since I lived in L.A. for several years!). I didn't know what to expect, but... WOW!!! Holy cow!! It was amazing! I can't even pick a favorite part!

We entered the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - incredible! The ride was insanely awesome! The whole "set" was above and beyond! We took the studio tour (highly recommended!) and it was a GREAT experience! We were flooded, shaken, attacked by dinosaurs, rescued by King Kong, attacked by criminals and rescued by the Fast & Furious gang... and so much more! The Transformers ride, the Mummy Ride, the Jurassic Park ride... so much fun! HUGE thanks to Shi & Jared for treating us to a very exciting day!

Sunday we made the trip back home, and miracle of miracles! Loki didn't get sick!!! Yay!!!! Monday rolled around, and I did some work in the garden, some work on the computer, and a ton of tasks to get ready for our Honeymoon (I love saying that!).

Today was more of the same... I mulched the corn, did a bit more gardening, then back to those prep tasks. One of which was to get this...
I'm legal to drive in the U.K.! Not sure if I will or not, lol, but if the need arises, I've got my permit! The hubby will go get his as soon as he's home from work. So now we've got pretty much everything in place. The only thing (I think) I screwed up was I missed getting our Visitor Oyster Cards (transportation). Drat! Waited too long. One of the downfalls of not planning a deliberately spontaneous trip. You can be sure that had I done this in my typical manner (hello, binder!), we'd have our Oyster cards. Lol. Oh well.

Here's what we've got...

  • Flights booked to and from London
  • First two nights hotel in London
  • International Medical Coverage - GeoBlue (also downloaded the app which will help us find healthcare should we need it)
  • International WiFi - Tep Wireless
  • Passports
  • International Driving Permits (Thank you, AAA!)
  • International/Global access opened on our phones (Sprint & Verizon)
  • Credit & Debit Cards - Notified every bank of our travel plans to prevent a fraud-freeze
  • Ordered & received our foreign currency (uh, wow, exchange rates were worse than I expected!)
  • Registered our trip with STEP (U.S. Dept. of Travel)
  • Downloaded apps for offline maps, currency converter, national rail, french translator, TrackMyTour, GetYourGuide, Wriggle, London Transportation, Paris Transportation, English Heritage, Tip Calculator (specific to the U.K.), HostelWorld (includes hotels), Official London Guide, and even FlushPro (locates public restrooms, lol). 

Tonight we will be downloading movies & TV shows on the ipads for the long flights, and determining what else needs to be done. And we'll officially pack everything except our last-minute toiletries & electronics. OMG!!!!

I've made a list of instructions for the kids (Joey & Amber and Bethany will be house-sitting) - when to water the garden, collect mail, etc. I printed out our itinerary for them (which isn't very detailed, lol, so I've added all our passport info and such).  I also stocked up on the puppies favorite foods & treats for while we're gone. I'm loathe to leave them for so long, but I'm sure the kids will send me lots of pics and videos while we're away. ;-)

Have I forgotten anything??? I'm sure I have. Or didn't do something I didn't know I should. I guess we'll find out. Lol. I'm sure I won't be blogging during our trip, but I'll probably be posting photos and such to Facebook, so if you're interested, look me up! ;-)

Signing off! 


  1. Yeahhhh!!!!! Safe travels, it's almost like newlyweds again!! Have fun!!!

  2. Yeahhhh!!!!! Safe travels, it's almost like newlyweds again!! Have fun!!!