Monday, June 20, 2016

The Fires of Hades Have Arrived

Seriously, ya'll. It's freaking HOT. The hubs and I were running errands yesterday and snapped this...
Yep. You read that right... 120 degrees.  And, it actually went up from there. We topped out yesterday at 122. Way too darn hot. I made the mistake of trying to do some damage control in the garden during the afternoon - just a bit of water at the roots of my wilting plants... and wow. That heat.  Almost took me down. While we Arizonians joke about our summers, the dangers of the heat just aren't funny. We actually had 3 hikers and 1 mountain biker die yesterday in this heat. And they weren't unprepared or unfit - it's scary.

Back to the garden... it's still doing great! My basil has become a forest, I'm still harvesting tomatoes each day. I've got cucumbers and tomatoes, beets and turnips, several kinds of peppers. My eggplant is nearing harvest (they're so pretty!). The watermelon and pumpkins are doing great - I even planted more out in the front yard - thought it'd be a cool thing when they're ready to harvest - the kids in the neighborhood can pick their own pumpkins!


The puppies are doing great! Growing like crazy. They bring us so much joy! Hunter is a big water baby - he loves to jump in and just swim in circles around the pool. He also has a thing for the float - he can chill in that for long periods of time. It's so darn cute. Loki still hasn't decided to chance the pool, though he's getting more and more curious as he watches his brother splash and play. Hopefully we'll get him in soon.

Food around here has been dictated by the weather, lol. Lots of light & crisp meals - chicken salad w/veggies, stir-fry, that sort of thing. Quick and easy, light and flavorful. I've also been testing out another delivery service - Freshly. My subscription is 12 meals a week (3 dinners for three people, and 3 breakfasts). The convenience cannot be beat - fully cooked meals, delivered in a refrigerated box, and you microwave them when you need them... two minutes from fridge to table. Drawback is that the entree's don't really have a lot of flavor. That said, the breakfasts are incredible!!!! Omelettes, quiche, frittata... so yummy! I've got one more week of subscription (should arrive today), then it's back to my normal weekly food prep. Lol. The hubby is ready to have my food full time again. ;-)

Workouts have been going well. Had to switch over to Pilates for my last session since I so gracefully sliced open my heel (ugh).  Finally went and had the doctor look at it and the bugger was infected. A very painful exam and more painful tetanus shot later, it's finally on the mend. Today I will be attempting to wear gym shoes for the first time in a week. Wish me luck! Lol.

This summer, along with the insane heat, we've got lots of activity and travel. Already we have traveled up to California for my nephew's graduation party, to visit the kids in San Diego, and next month we've got a wedding, followed by another in September, with a couple trips to San Diego in between. In addition, we're shaking things up at home - one kiddo moving out on her own in July, another moving back in September. Lol. Plus lots of work changes for the hubby. It's super stressful for him, but I'm so proud of where he is, what he's built, and the opportunities that are opening for him.

So... there's my update. Hope ya'll are staying cool!

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