Friday, August 4, 2017

It's Been Awhile... Introducing Jackson!

Wow! It's been MONTHS!! Yikes! So very much has happened since my last post. If you're friends with me over on Facebook, you've kept up with what's been going on. If not, well here's the scoop! ;-)

February was fabulous, full of baby prep and fun. We transitioned to March with a few hiccups. My daughter's husband was due back from deployment, we were making plans to drive out to San Diego to pick him up for a highly anticipated 2 week visit, but the arrival day kept changing. And kept changing. Once we were assured it was "final", Shi and I booked a hotel and hit the road. During the 5.5 hour drive from AZ to Miramar, Jared's return day/time was changed an additional 7 times. I kid you not. We had to hit the mall during that trip because we had both packed exactly what we needed for an overnight trip. Lol. Wearing the same jeans was fine, underwear - not so much. ;-)

Finally, the big moment arrived! Yay!!!
So... after the happy reunion, we drove home to AZ. Shi was battling swollen ankles - this was a new experience for her (I, on the other hand, had swollen ankles basically from conception to birth when I carried, lol). Back home, we all enjoyed some fun time together before Jared had to head back for duty.

Shi's swelling increased, rapidly. A few other symptoms made themselves known, and after a quick checkup at the doc, she was sent for further testing. Diagnosis: preeclampsia.

Several hours of waiting later, Shi was admitted to the hospital for induction. Several more hours of waiting later, baby was facing the wrong way, and the preeclampsia was continuing to get worse. The medical team made the decision to perform a c-section. Now let me tell you, after two years of watching my daughter experience miscarriages, tests, infertility treatments, and now high risk pregnancy followed by preeclampsia - Mama was NOT happy to see her baby girl wheeled away to the Operating Room. I knew the situation was completely out of my control but, there was still this, "if I can see her, I can protect her". I guess it's a mom thing..

About 15 minutes later, we got the call... baby Jackson William G. was here! Oh, and he was such a beauty! His mommy had a few more struggles, reactions to medication, but she was finally able to hold her miracle. They were a family. Yes, I cried. ;-)




Oh, and little Jackson missed being an April Fools' baby by four minutes. Lol!! March 31st, 11:56 pm. He weighed a wonderful 6 lb 14 oz and was 20 inches long. Joy!!!


Oh yeah, Gramma snuck a stormtrooper in there!
Gotta start this baby off right!  


For the most part, we had a wonderful team of caregivers at the hospital. One nurse in particular we wanted to scoop up and take home with us. Unfortunately, Shi's preeclampsia developed into eclampsia and there were several worry filled days. They finally got it under control, and mama and baby got to come home. You can safely assume that Mom/Gramma kept a close eye on the new mama's health. She recovered well, and Jared was able to extend his leave a bit due to the birth of his son ;-)   Eventually, he had to return to duty, but with only a few weeks remaining of his contract, Shi and Jackson stayed here with us.

In May, Jared was released from Active Duty, and the new family continued to live with us while he did job interviews. He got a great position (and has already been promoted!), and they'll be moving out on their own in a couple weeks. While it'll be great for them, Gramma's gonna miss her morning giggle fests with Jackson ;-)

Homecoming Day!

First bath



This morning Jackson helped me out in the garden... evidently he enjoys basil! Lol!


Jackson is now 4 months old, and an absolute delight! I cannot express how much joy I have watching Shi & Jared with Jax. I am so grateful for the technology we have now, and the dedicated and caring medical professionals who made this possible. This family is a miracle.
We are so very blessed.

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