Friday, August 4, 2017

It's Been Awhile... Part 2

Now that I've caught you up on Jackson's arrival ;-) here's a glimpse at what else has been happening.

The Hubby and I planned a trip to Kauai for our 11th anniversary, and between air miles and points we were able to book our vacation for May. However. Ya'll know me. I'm a klutz.
What is that, you ask? That is my undoing. Five days before our departure to Hawaii, I stepped out of the hot tub onto those steps. They were wet. My foot slipped out, and I rode those steps on my back like it was my job. Bam, Bam, Boom. And I broke a rib. My L-10 to be specific. Drat!!

Fortunately, I was cleared to fly, so armed with a lovely breathing thingy, and some even lovelier drugs, we packed up and flew away.

Unfortunately, a few of the activities we'd planned were now out for me, boooo! No snorkeling (or swimming), horseback riding or zip line (thank God!), but Bill did manage to get me to do the one thing I swore I would never, ever do.


In a million years. Never. Ever.


He got me in a helicopter.

I was petrified. Thankfully, we had a wonderful pilot with a smooth, calm manner who really made an effort to put me at ease. I was seated beside him, with Bill on my other side, and views top to bottom, side to side. Did I mention I was petrified? Lol. Let me just say, the flight was amazing, the scenery incredible, and I'm glad I did it. But I will never, ever, EVER do it again. Haha. Usually, I'm the one taking all the photos when Bill and I go somewhere. This time, when we compared, Bill had 107 photos of the flight. I had 7. I was so scared that my hands were frozen stiff holding onto my phone (I had nothing else to hang on to!), and evidently I was only able to relax enough to take a photo 7 times.

Yes, I am a big chicken. Lol. I'm ok with that. We spent  the rest of our time roaming the island and enjoying the food. It was truly fabulous, and we highly recommend the island to anyone looking for beauty and tranquility. It was a very quiet island and perfect for relaxing.


Back home, we helped our son prepare for a big change. He and his girlfriend, Amber (sweetheart) are spending the summer in Alaska! June to October, they're working and exploring with an eye to moving permanently. Wow! Talk about an adventure!!!! After a ton of research, and a ton of shopping (lol), Joey and Amber made their purchase...


They worked crazy hard to prepare for the journey, and have loved every moment! They're all settled in now, near Anchorage, and just check out this set up! Lol! Living the Dream!


Yes - that is a hot tub! Have tub will travel! Lol! They see wildlife daily (often really, really close to the trailer, lol), and are having a ball exploring and kayaking, and hiking, and boating.... what an amazing experience for them!

Speaking of trailers... Bill and I have managed to take ours out a few times. It's been fun getting to know our equipment and enjoy time away. After a harrowing 20 minutes, we now also know exactly where the propane alarm is located, how to shut it off, and how to utilize the elevation setting on the generator. Ha! We've even managed to get the can-am completely broken in! Without breaking it! Woot!!

 We did learn quickly that when we ride with friends (as opposed to tooling around with the dogs) we get very, very dusty. Hahaha! But it was so fun, and we're looking forward to many more trips this year.

Additionally, Bill finally gave in and said that since I've kept the garden alive this long, I deserve a real fence...
Isn't it awesome???
I think he agreed to the fence at least partially to avoid hearing me bitch and moan anymore about this...


That first pic of my fence was mid-June... now look how much the garden has grown since then! Holy cow!!! I've got watermelon and cantaloupe growing like crazy... and the basil and sweet potatoes... oh my!!!



So, that's all the family and personal stuff we've been up to. In my next post, I'll talk about my new favorite kitchen toy. :-) I'm having so much fun trying different recipes, methods, and just plain tinkering around with it!! Hehehe!!!

For now, I'll leave you with a few of the dishes I've made with my new toy...



Serious Yummage Ahead!!! Stay tuned!!


  1. How awesome and adventurous for your whole family! My husband Terry and I went to Alaska when we got married 17 years ago and oh my I would do it again in a heartbeat! Sorry about your rib but how beautiful Hawaii must have been! Which Island did you goto? Take care of you and see you on Facebook some time!

  2. It was so fun - Which Island did you goto?