Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Bringing it up to date...

 Happy Spring! I know some of you are not enjoying traditional spring weather, but here in AZ we've had it since January. Lol. Sorry, not sorry. ;-)

I cannot believe how quickly the last year went. Last year at this time, we were worrying that our son-in-law wouldn't make it home from deployment in time for miracle-baby's birth. He did (by the skin of his teeth!), and Jackson William was welcomed into the world with an abundance of love and joy. 

Watching him grow is so wonderful! He's full of light and giggles, precious smiles and warm hugs. He's about to turn 1, and his Mommy has gone all out for his party. I'll share photos next week. So fun!

The Recipe For Fitness garden is flourishing, and my Basil plants are now 3 years old. Crazy! I had no idea I could keep plants alive for that long, lol.  The herbs are bountiful, and so is the kale. Seriously, it's a lot of kale. I mean a lot. 

Our oldest, Joey, and his girlfriend Amber are prepping to return to Alaska. They'll be hitting the road in May and taking their time to enjoy the trip. I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of their adventures at their age, lol.  They'll work up there through the summer, and head back home in the fall. How fun is that?

Bill and I are still on our 50 by 50 journey... we're attempting to visit all 50 states before we turn 50 years old. We crossed off Texas last week, with a visit to Austin. Wow, what an amazing city! We had a great time and really enjoyed exploring. If you didn't know, the city motto is "Keep Austin Weird"... and they do. Lol.  We even drove out to Dripping Springs to visit Family Business Beer Company, and that was a true highlight of our trip. 

Some of you might know that I'm a bit of a Supernatural fan (ahem, a bit).  Ok, fine. I'm a HUGE fan. Well, the actor who plays Dean Winchester is Jensen Ackles, and he and his wife (Danneel - One Tree Hill, plus a whole lot of other roles), went into the brewery business, and it's a hit! The property is beautiful, the beer ice cold and tasty, and the food was terrific! The food, by the way, is from a converted AirStream and provided by Jep & Jessica Robertson (Duck Dynasty). Seriously - that crawfish etouffee. Mmmmm.

The brewery just opened in January, but you'd think they'd been there for years. It felt so warm and welcoming, really, like family. 

We're also planning a fun trip for May... we'll be taking the camper and making our way up the California coastline. It'll take us two weeks - and that's the longest vacation either of us has ever had (I'm guessing Bill will be on the phone a lot, lol). We're looking forward to it, and I'll finally get the chance to see the property and cabin where Bill grew up. :-) 

Later in the year, we'll be crossing off a few more states as I fly out to join Bill for a weekend following his trade shows in Philadelphia and Indianapolis. Fun!

In other news, ya'll know that I've been seeing a (wonderful!) naturopathic doctor to straighten out my hormones. Seriously, round 2 of menopause?? It's just cruel. But, I'm thrilled to say that Dr. McCarthy has righted my wagon, lol.  Hormones in balance, and sanity restored. A funny side effect is my hair. All my life, I've had straight hair. As a teenager, I'd get perms trying to achieve curls, but there were always a couple sections of hair that just wouldn't take and stayed straight. I finally gave up. But look what I have now...

That's all natural! No products (just hairspray) or perms. Lol. Hormones - go figure. 

Well, that's my bringing it up to date... I've got some new things coming, including a new branch of Recipe For Fitness.  I'll be sharing next week some specifics on that, as I countdown to the launch. I'm really excited about it, and can't wait!

Happy Easter!! Oh, and April Fool's Day. Lol. (who thought that was a good idea?)

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  1. Times are just passing by! I remember when you planted that garden, love how large it is now! Your “hair “ how cool is that to goto curly hair! 😍