Thursday, April 26, 2018

News, Garden, and Jackson

The new sister website is up... and we'll begin the next Fertility Coaching session in June. If you, or anyone you know, is interested, please contact me and I'll get you more information.

In other news... Joey and Amber are packing up and ready to hit the road. Bill and I leave for our 2-week camping (glamping) trip this saturday, and Joey and Amber leave a week later. They're well prepared and anxious to get going. Bill and I are wondering if we'll survive two weeks in a tiny RV. LOL.  I'm going to write this on a post it, and Bill and I will just keep swapping it during the trip... "I'm sorry for the things I said when we were parking the trailer."  LOL!

The first week, Joey and Amber will still be at home to watch the pups. The second week, Shi, Jared, and Jackson will be house-sitting. I wish we could take the pups with us, but poor Loki gets so violently carsick that the trip would just be tortuous for him. And Hunter... well, let's just say that the camper is too small for his big self. Haha.

I've got the meals all planned out, along with the breakdown of when we need to restock and where. I've printed all the recipes, and have my list of kitchen necessities ready to pack up. All our food will be either made in the Instant Pot, or the electric skillet. We don't have an oven or stove in the RV, just a microwave/convection thing that I've never used. This is truly going to be an adventure for us... a fun adventure or a not-fun adventure... remains to be seen. :-)

The weather is heating up here in AZ... we've been steadily hitting over 100 degrees. Ugh. I know some of you still have snow, and I'd gladly send you some of this sunshine if I could. It is, however, great for the garden! I'm absolutely loving how lush it is! The kale trees (yes, trees, lol) are in full bloom, my lavender and chives are blooming, tomatoes daily, and the snow peas... I've never had so many! Last night we had a huge bowl of steamed snow peas, and another of tomato & basil salad - all fresh from the garden.


The last few weeks have seen a couple milestones, too.... Jackson turned One! Can you believe it's been a year??? Wow!! He's such a dollbaby and one of the absolute lights of my life.
Then, right after his party, was his first Easter! Shi is so creative with her photo-shoots with him, lol. And tell me that kid isn't hamming it up! LOL!!


So... I will try to blog from the road, but I have no idea when or where we'll have internet service. I'm sure I'll be able to upload pics to facebook though... seems like you can always get enough service bars for facebook, right? Ha!

Happy Thursday!!

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