About Me

Chelle Stafford - Weight Loss & Fitness, Before photo
Before: 2/2007
194 pounds
Chelle Stafford - Weight Loss and Fitness, After Photo 2009
After: 10/2009
123 pounds
One year of weight maintenance!

After: 3/2011
121 pounds 
Two+ years of weight maintenance!
After: 10/2012
125 lbs

4 yrs!

Hi!  I'm Chelle.  Over an 18 month period, I changed my life. I started January 2007 at 200+ pounds, wearing a size 16/18 (because I refused to wear a 20).  By my birthday in October of 2008, I was well-past my goal weight and down to 123 pounds and a size 0/2. Because of the things I have learned and the lifestyle changes I have made, I've been able to maintain both my weight and size, and being healthy has also helped bring my asthma under control. (**I had originally thought my starting weight was 178, but according to my doctor's records it was actually 200+lbs!!)

I'm just a "normal" person. I have a regular job, 4 kids, a husband, an extended family, friends... a life. Changing my lifestyle wasn't easy, I didn't always have "time", but along the way I learned some tricks to make it doable, and I hope my tips can help you reach your own goals.
The transformation has been drastic... and difficult, but worth every drop of sweat, every tear.  In fact, a direct result of my transformation is the honor of being featured in several magazines and associated with some amazing groups!

  •  June 2009 issue of Scottsdale Health Magazine, the Fit & Fabulous column
  • March 2009 issue of Women's Health Magazine, You Lose, You Win column (click here to go directly to my page)
  • August 2011 issue of Oxygen Magazine (pg 150).  
  • My weight loss story is also in the Rodale (the publishers of Women's Health Magazine) promotional brochure! 
  • March 2011 - I became an Eat Clean Diet Ambassador, and was invited to join the Eat Clean Diet™ Team at The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio (March 3-6, 2011)! 
  • August 2011, I joined the Champion Nutrition USA Team as a sponsored athlete (woohoo!), and I post a weekly recipe for them on their facebook page! Check it out here
  • ISSA Certified Nutritionist & Sports Performance Nutrition Specialist
  • In 2011, I was contracted by World Physique magazine to provide recipes for their new publication, World Physique Women
  • August 2011 - First Figure Competition! Placed 4th in both my events, bringing home hardware! Woot! 
  • February 2013 -  Attended the Arnold Sports Festival again as an Eat Clean Diet Ambassador
  • April 2013 - Filmed and shot with Go Daddy, highlighting me and Recipe For Fitness as one of their small business partners! 
  • 2015 - Stood with GoDaddy on the NYSE platform as we rang the bell when they went public! What a rush!!! 
  • 2016 - Certified Fertility Counselor, Joyful Living. 

Please visit my main website to view my recipes, workout music playlists, Sunday Food Prep plan (cook just once a week!), and more! 


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